Online Attendance System PHP MySQL

Online Attendance System PHP MySQL – In this article i will explain how develop online attendance management system using PHP MySQL. We are living in 20th century so everybody works in smart way that’s why choose online attendance system for easier to do this.

When you try this for offline it take too much time and there is a chance face the bugs. So online attendance system is perfect for all students and faculties in school and college management system.

Here college or school teachers/staffs/faculties are manage the student list like their marks attendance behaviour and etc. When students name missing from list faculty are add student name department in our college/school attendance system.

Manual works are totally erased and replaced from systematic work like internet connection only enough to give student attendance in college portal website. Faculties subjects also assigned from this attendance system. Every staff name are provided who are handled the specified subject in corresponding department.

Online Attendance System

The faculties are able give attendance in mobile or desktop. The entire student name and register number is visible on your portal which credential given for you. When the student is not coming on the class then you select absent button it showing red symbol. Present student color is green. Its very user friendly so you can easily handle online attendance system.

Automatically admins are add faculty details from the corresponding subject which will be handled. You can also get the full report on monthly wise or weekly wise to check the students percentage.


Only one module based, login credential give from each faculties through admin like college dean or head of department. After that every faculty staffs used username and password for enter attendance entry. You can view subjects and attendance details and if you want that report then download from excel format.


There are more features available in this online college school attendance mark entry management system using PHP MySQL.

  1. Add & View the Subject Details
  2. Add & Remove Faculties
  3. Add & View Holidays
  4. Get weekly/monthly Attendance report
  5. Transfer Students
  6. Backup Student Data & Attendance Details
  7. Report Generation

and more features are used in this project. User friendly navigation so don’t worry about that for usage experience.

Student Data & Backup

The entire student list fetched on local database. Suppose one or more details are not entered correctly then the particular student ask about faculty who handled on the subject. Generate the academic year management details soft copies permanently store on server if accident erase from the local server we used backup copy to replace the data.

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Software Used

Here i list the software and programming languages which used for develop online attendance management system.

  1. Front-end : HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap
  2. Back-end : PHP and MySQL
  3. Server : XAMPP
  4. IDE : Sublime Text

Online Attendance System PHP Live Demo

In the above i give full detailed explanation for our college attendance system. Still you can face any doubts regarding this feel free to contact me on clarify your bugs. After seeing the live you get some idea like how it’s working on our device.

Online Attendance System PHP MySQL Source Code

After seeing live demo, if you feel this project is worth and many features are satisfied on the code of Online Attendance System PHP MySQL. Then you can move to download the project and enjoy. Facing any problem to upload from localhost server or database comment below i will consider and reply on your valid questions.

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