Employee Management System using PHP

Employee Management System using PHP – In this article I will explain how to develop online employee management system (EMS) using PHP MySQL. We are live in artificial intelligence world so everything is advanced and user friendly.

The Employee Management System allows to know exact what your employee every day working hours updated from company manager or team leader. So company administration is easily track what you are doing everyday.

That’s why every company and organization keep maintain employee management system to track the employee personal and official information. In the market more software available to implement employee management system at your office or organization. It will be surely helped to move your company in good place on the market.

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What Do Employee Management System?

Actually the Employee management system manage all details of each and every employee who are working in that organization. Using this the employee has apply leave and share their work progress from manager or colleagues. So now a days most of companies colleges schools and more organization follow employee management system PHP.

In this management system has company managing director, manager, admin, HR, Team Lead, Finance Officer and working employees. So Admins have only rights to access all permissions like accept the leave and review works like processing or completed works.

Project Modules

In this employee management system project has two main module and four sub modules. Main module has admin and employee and sub module has leave system, add remove employee, apply reject leave and more.

Admin Module

Admins are able to approve, reject or cancel the employee leave who apply leave. Company managers are add new employee and also delete the employee list. Employee details have personal details, salary details and bank details.

Employee Module

Every employee has one unique username password give from company manager. Employee are change details at any time like their password, personal and account details. Admins are manually approve or reject leave based on employee credits.

Employee Management System using PHP Features

So many benefits are accessed in this employee management system. In below i list out some major advantages only,

  1. User friendly navigation
  2. We can save large number of employees
  3. Apply leave request
  4. Personal and official details

Download XAMPP Server

We need server help for execute PHP MySQL projects. So first download and install XAMPP server, its have Apache and MySQL server. First start two these server after that execute your PHP project. If you don’t have XAMPP server, click here to download the local server.

How to Run the Project

In below i will give full source code of online employee leave management system project using php and MySQL.

  1. Download the project, unzip it.
  2. Then copy the file from c:/programfiles/xampp/htdocs/ypurprojectname
  3. Start the Apache any MySQL server
  4. Open localhost/phpmyadmin
  5. Import the project.sql file in your project directory
  6. If you face any issues in this just call me on 8940379384

Employee Management System Source Code

Here you can get the source code of management system project in PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript,bootstrap and the database is MySQL. Click below link to download the source code. If you are a college and need project report documentation for this project just comment here i will send full word documentation with diagram.

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