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Let’s see How Create Blog Earn Money from home. The work is very easy, in the beginning only little bit hard understand the concept. After working on few days you can easily able to understand the work. Everything was confused in initial stage, all category work was same. So don’t worry about that blog creation is very easy.

In the beginning time me also struggle to maintain blog. Even am a computer science student but starting was confused to learn. Hereafter continuously working so understand the basic things within 10 days. Now am a well knowledge blogger & earn passive money via online.

Check My Blog Income

Nowadays most of jobless peoples are focus YouTube channel for making money. But in my opinion that was waste because everyone join YouTube creator so the traffic is high. Alternatively you have to start your career on blog. Because here need some knowledge to maintain so everyone not comes to blog like YouTube.

How Create Blog

Already I publish two articles for How create blog for beginners step by step procedure. The one article was explained Tamil Language which is helpful for Tamil Nadu college students, housewife, working professionals. Other one article was explained in English language that was common everybody easily learn to working on blog.

  1. How Create Blog in Tamil Language Peoples
  2. How Create Blog in English Language Peoples

I hope after reading the article you got the concept like how create blog in your own knowledge. Already I told initial stage also was confused so never lose your hope. Because Blogging is one of best & trusted way fro earn dollars money online.

create blog earn money

Above article explain how create blog with step by step instructions. Here I shortly give demo for what we need to start blog. In below I describe what we need & how much cost for create our own blog.

Suppose if you are computer science students then easily understand or other departments ? Don’t Worry I will guide you with proper procedure.

WordPress helps to build blog, So you have study just one day only about WordPress. Then Start your work because WordPress very easy to understand. No Knowledge Required.

Blogging Steps

Here I have share the steps & if you have any doubts regarding this just send message on my WhatsApp Number 8940379384 (Don’t Call) I will help to build the blog & clear your issues.

  1. First You have to Buy One Domain & Hosting for example domain means ( – domain) & then (Storage – Hosting). Both was important without this we can’t able to create blog on Internet.
  2. Watch My video for How Buy Domain & Hosting
  3. After two steps completed 50% work was finished.
  4. Hereafter you have to write articles & publish from Internet.
  5. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is must so we need some basic knowledge in SEO.
  6. Write 30 articles & Wait One Month for Google AdSense Approval.
  7. Then follow my below steps for making money online.
earn money google adsense

Here I have explain the list of ways for making money online using our own Blog or Website. Every bloggers target was earn money that’s why they are regularly upload latest news. For example India Times, Dinamalar, Daily Thanthi & most of companies are make millions dollars money through blog & android application. Below will discuss for how create blog earn money from home with small amount of investment.

I have one Blog..How to Earn via Blog?

Okay I assume you have one blog and now your question was how I make Indian or dollars money through the blog. When you’ve own blog, have to allow ads in your blog. So through the ads we able generate money online. The Top Ads providers are Google AdSense, and more.

Already you see when you have to open any blog or app, full of ads showing. Behind the reason was they are generate money using the ads. So after write the article you have to apply Google AdSense to show thier ads in your website. Actually Google approval is not a easy task, that company expect well & unique content, Perfect Layout, User Friendly Navigation and more.

In my article I have explain How Get Google Approval & How to Start. If face any issues comment below I will clear your doubts within 24 hours. Alternative options also available for Google AdSense but my recommendation & most of experienced bloggers also recommend Google. I hope already you know Google is Top First Company in the world. This proof only enough to start your part time jobs in Google.

Can I try Google AdSense Alternatives ?

NO. Try again and again only Google AdSense. Actually after six months only I got the approval from Google and in that time I am beginner in this domain. That’s why take six months & now I have all procedures & tricks for how get google adsense approval in Tamil.

Trust Google & Google only able give lot’s of Money.

Alternative Works

Suppose if you are not interested in this work & don’t have money or knowledge ? Just leave & try below Jobs. In the above I have explain the premium and better ways for making money online. So some users are not able to work on this sector.

copy paste work from home

So alternatively you can try,

  1. Copy Paste Works from Home (Earn $2 per Day)
  2. Watch Videos & Make Money (Earn $50 per Month)

That’s it.. If have any queries on Create Blog Earn Money ? Just ping me on via the comment section I am always there online. So clear your doubts within a hour or day.

YouTube Channel or Blog Creation – Which is Better ?

  • Me and most of technical persons are suggest Blogging is one of the best way.
  • Other peoples are suggest YouTube channel.
  • Finally Blog is better option because we need knowledge to maintain Blog but YouTube channel not like that.
  • Knowledge Work is always Best.

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