School Management System PHP

School Management System PHP – In this article I will explain how develop online school admission system script using PHP and MySQL database system. These days every schools are changed from digital way. So they are expect digital methods like online attendance, Online E-Library System (e-books), online school payments, online teachers parents meeting etc. Our parents also expect this, so private school managements are collect more fees from us.

school management system php

Already we upload one big project that is Online College Admission System using PHP MySQL. Every management like this, without government school colleges and institutions. Private organizations only do this Metric school, CBSE schools are go on digital way.

School Management System Four Modules

In this project has totally Four modules. They are,

  1. Student Module
  2. Parents Module
  3. Teachers Module
  4. Admin Module

I will explain each module like what are the features in every module. First let see student module.

Student Module

Students features are like,

  1. Student can be able to their full details like Name, Address, Email, Phone number, Blood Group & more personal details.
  2. Then check the latest exam results
  3. Check attendance for every month & day based report
  4. Then check the class hours & room number.

Parents Module

Parents features are like,

  1. Parents are able to check their son/daughter exam marks
  2. Then also check attendance.

Teachers Module

Teachers features are like

  1. Teacher able to modify their address, phone number, email id, password etc.
  2. Then check salary if credit or not.
  3. Check attendance details.
  4. Check class timetable which time will be handle the classes
  5. Add courses for student account

Admin Module

Admin can be able do anything so here don’t need to explain admin feature. we can do any changes on student, parents, staff sections.

School Management System PHP

Here i will explain only database connection code only. If you are connect connection then the project will be successfully executes without any errors. After change username, password, database name, just import the .sql file on MySQL database. The connection code is,

$link=mysqli_connect("$host", "$username", "$password")or die("Cannot Connect");
mysqli_select_db("$db_name")or die("Cannot Select DB");

Live Demo

Before downloading the project once check live demo, if the project is worth or not for downloading the code. So If you are satisfied on live demo then you can get full source code of online school management system using PHP and MySQL.

School Management System PHP Source Code

I hope above live demo is okay for you. So here code for ready to download. Just click below button get source code. In this project has lot of features like parents, students, admins are able to access & rights to use based on their permission. Current days most of school are migrate into online platform. Because it’s very easy to maintain all the records.

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