Earn Money from Home Tamil Nadu

Here I explain how earn money from Home in Tamil Nadu without any investments. This article specially for Tamil peoples who are struggle to get work from home jobs in free time. Current days most of housewife’s are looking for part time jobs to balance the family. Because we are living on digital world so need more money to standout our family into new position. That’s why in the most of families husband & wife going job to face the financial problem.

Most of websites and YouTube channels are suggest wrong ways. For example they are told like we can earn Rs.5,000 per day, for that just watch videos only. When users are see that, immediately click the videos and finally there is no use and it’s completely fake. As a result they are using us to make money in online, so posting those type of videos, articles. Peoples also looking for that category type of job.

earn money from home

First understand the one thing, no one lot of money in simple jobs. If we work more time and then may be they are provide some amount from us. Don’t trust YouTube video contents like make money via data entry works, watching videos, captcha, online survey and more. No one share the legit way to make money. If you have good skill then you don’t need to watch any videos & other peoples opinion, suggestions.

Don’t Trust these Jobs – Earn Money from Home

  1. Data Entry Work
  2. Online Survey
  3. Playing Games
  4. Watching Videos
  5. Online Form Filling Jobs
  6. Captcha Jobs
  7. Typing Works
  8. Email Sending job
  9. Click Ads

Most of YouTube creators are following above points to cheat their subscribers. But the fact is no one able to make money via these easiest works. So here in my personal opinion is you need skill to earn money from home. In below I explain legit ways for how others are earning money using those type of works. But for that you learn lot of technical things, then only able to survey the works. In the beginning it will be hard but after going few months you are a master in the particular domain.

Earn Money from Home

Here I will share only trusted way for making money online. Already I told you need software or general common skills about computer technology. Then only you can earn minimum Rs.300 to Rs.1000 per day. Most of software developers earn lot of dollars money via creating android apps, create blog, affiliate marketing and more jobs. You can earn more money via blog creation, affiliate marketing works, because it’s not a complicate works.

We have premium course for learn about those works within a 30 days & the course fee is just Rs.1500 only. End of the course you are a master in particular domain & then easily making money via part time jobs.

Trusted Online Jobs (Need Skill & High Revenue)

  1. Create Blog
  2. YouTube Channel Creation
  3. Affiliate Marketing
  4. Deploy Apps on Google Play Store
  5. Write & Sell Books
  6. Become a Seller in Flipkart & Amzon
  7. Reselling via Meesho
  8. Start Web Designing Company (Earn via Hostinger)

These jobs are very trusted & you can earn Minimum $200 per month. Initial stage may be it’s hard to analyze and understand the job. However after few days you can learn those things when read and watch tutorials on YouTube or Google platform.

PTC Sites (Don’t Need Skill & Low Revenue)

Actually some new online earning users are try to make money via PTC (paid to click) sites. But it take more time and generate very low income. For example if you spend 5 hours per day in PTC website then your income is just Rs.30 only. Therefore it’s one of the procedure for waste our time & efforts. So just skip PTC and try to follow above trusted 10 ways for making money online from home. It’s very helpful for college students, homemakers, working professionals and more category of peoples who are looking for part-time online jobs.

If you are interest PTC sites ? Then read steps for How Earn Money via PTC Sites.


Finally Which is Best for You ? My personal suggestion is go for trusted legit job because through this only you can earn lakhs of money within a years. And it’s like asset on your career but PTC sites maximum waste your valuable time & it’s return very low of amount.

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