Digital Library Management System PHP MySQL

Digital Library Management System PHP MySQL – In this article i will explain how to create digital (e-Library) management system project in PHP and MySQL. Now a days everyone have mobile phone and laptops with internet connection facilities. So most of students like to download their books online. We are lived on digital world so peoples also looking for easiest solution to find the best results. In the same category now most of colleges are releasing digital library project.

Through the digital library we access any type of books without management permission. And easily manage all the book at a same time. A lot of features are there in digital library project when compared to normal library system. Through this students are easily access their all type of books in PDF format. So no need to visit library office for borrow books. And no need to return the book without any particular duration.

It aims to reduce the time consumed for finding a book and the work load of the library staff.  Every department students are access their corresponding books in anywhere and also download the books in PDF format. This is the major reason for why everyone like to migrate normal to digital methods.. When we do this our most of works are simplified in easiest way.

Students are,

  • Search and Preview Books
  • Know the availability of Books
  • Request for New Books
  • Read E-Paper
  • Download the Book in PDF

Software – Digital Library Management System PHP & MySQL

  1. Programming Languages (Front-End) : HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, PHP
  2. Back-End – PHP
  3. Database – MySQL
  4. IDE – Sublime Text
  5. Server – XAMPP

Proposed System

Students can search for all the books by title, author name or subject name and preview the contents then finally download the books. Reduce time and effort required to find books.

Two Modules

  1. Administrators
  2. Students

Administrators Module

  1. Login
  2. Manage Request (Books & Issues)
  3. Upload New E-Books & E-Papers

Students Module

  1. Search Books
  2. Preview & Read the Books
  3. Check Books Availability
  4. Request New Books

Digital Library Management System Live Demo

Here you can check the project via the live demo, when you have open the live demo you are easily got idea how our projects developed and which modules used in this project.

Digital Library Management System PHP MySQL

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