Online Quiz PHP Project

Online Quiz PHP Project – In this article I have explained how to make online quiz management system project using PHP and MySQL. This is covid-19 time. So most of schools/college teachers are conduct online quiz. In the previous post I already explained how make Android Quiz App in android studio IDE.

It’s similar of online examination system. Because both are same concept. Currently quiz system widely used by most of places like online interview, exam and more. In the COVID period quiz system mostly helpful for all of educational organization.

Online Quiz PHP Project

Create Project

Okay let’s start our project to build one of the best quiz website. Apart from this article I have develop Online Examination System PHP. Which is very helpful for combine with this project source code.

Admins are able to upload and give the time for each questions. This project has timer facility, you have to complete the quiz exam within end of the time duration. Some project has no timer options but that’s called quiz system. So timing is much important for this project.

Online Quiz PHP Project

This project has lot of features like after finish the exams, we check the correct answer for every wrong questions. In one of the tables wrong answers are stored & retrieved from server side. Each users are must create one account for attend the online examination system.

Then only they are access and write the exam. Already I told lot of features available. In here explain the advantages,

  1. Timer facility available
  2. Check the correct answers after finish exams
  3. Each user has own dashboard for check their results
  4. Admins are easily add the questions answers which means very user friendly
  5. Timing alerts given by admin
  6. No corrections, means once you select the answer then won’t be changed.

Sample Screenshot

online quiz php

Download Source Code

Okay fine I hope above source code explanation and project structure for helpful you to build quiz system using PHP & MySQL database. If face any issues, just comment below I will solve your queries as soon as possible.

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