Online Quiz Exam Android Application

Let’s see how to develop online quiz exam android application using Kotlin programming language. Already in the previous article we are uploaded quiz base app using Java language. That’s why here choosing Kotlin for add additional features. For example clean material design, user friendly navigation, good user experience and so many benefits are available in Kotlin language.

Suppose if you don’t have proper knowledge in the particular domain then should learn official documentation get more ideas. After that only you are getting some idea about project development like solve issues, add functionalities and so many things. However we are also suggest Java, but Kotlin is easy to learn when compared to Java programming langues.

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How It Works

There is no login and signup form in this section because some users are not like to fill the forms. This is one of the main reason why we are hide the particular form section from users end. It’s good only for when we don’t need to store any score, results from users side. Otherwise it’s not required, suppose we should store the quiz result from student dashboard then surely allocate some space to store all of information from particular user profile space.

Modules – Online Quiz Exam Android

Totally three modules are only implemented on this project. Later that you can customize the project as your own wish like if you are like to add login/signup in homepage then it’s possible & you have to proper knowledge to handle the code.

  1. Welcome Screen
  2. List Quiz (Question & Answer)
  3. Final Result

Welcome Quiz

Here you have to just enter your name and then start your exam. It’s the simple alternative of login screen, to proceed into next section you have to enter your name only then it will be automatically redirected to question page.

List Quiz (Question Answer)

Answers are like multiple choice based, when you click wrong answer then it’s showing the correct answer on the same time before move on next section. Most of the people’s are expecting this features when attend their question. Even end of the result also we are showing all the results like both of correct & wrong answers. However during the time also user able to know which answer is correct one. In future enhancement we are adding Download Question Bank/Study Materials/Video & Audio files.

Final Result

Finally user able to see the total attend questions and listed out both of correct & wrong answers. And also show the student marks like score was 10 out of 25 if 15 questions are wrong.

Screenshots (Online Quiz Exam Android)

Once check our project output files after that you are getting some idea like how it was executed. Moreover full layout & pages are available here for the confirmation before proceed into downloadable code section. Because we know the value for time that’s why in every post we are adding exact output images for our outputs.

online quiz android
quiz android studio java kotlin
quiz android studio

Download Code – Online Quiz Exam Android

Above all explanation and live demo are helps to find the project. Already it’s working fine so in your end also it’s work well. If you are facing any issues during the run time just comment below we are happy to assist your issues. We have also available in premium code, so contact us if you are looking for premium projects with so many features.

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