Quiz App Android Studio

In this tutorial I have explain how develop the Online Quiz App android studio platform. Already we have develop quiz system in android but that was not so many feature. So here we are going to develop perfect and high featured advance quiz system. For example timer functionality, single page results, material design, OTP user authentication and more.

So this highly recommend for college students who are looking for final year project. Actually quiz system and online exam project both is similar of same. Therefore you can earn more credits for the single project.

After the COVID most of colleges are continue to conduct the online exam system. Maximum of staffs are recommend Google Quiz for the user friendly navigation. But here I suggest this application for very user friendly & easy to access the question, answers.


  1. Android Studio
  2. Java
  3. XML
  4. SQLite
  5. Glide

Quiz App Android – Create Project

Okay let’s see how to create online quiz application in android studio IDE. Here I have using SQLite database for storing question and answer files. Suppose if you are plan to build large scale application then you have to go for Firebase. Because it’s manage large scalability, fastest performance, easy to manage the interface and so many things.

Otherwise SQLite is best for build quiz application. Let’s see the list of features for quiz application and what are the requirements we need to implement on our device.

Quiz App Android Features

Every users are looking for more features because then only customers are satisfied our products or services. This is common for every project so in below I share the feature of quiz application.

  1. User Authentication via OTP (Works only on Server End)
  2. Login/Signup
  3. Category wise questions are displayed
  4. Able to see the Result after complete the Quiz
  5. Time Alert & management
  6. Assign duration for every exam
  7. Percentage bases results are showing on the dashboard section.
  8. Check the missed & wrong questions.

Quiz App Android Studio Screenshot

In below I have add the list of screenshot for Android Quiz application. After saw the output files you get clear idea about like how it’s working on our device. Therefore here we give screenshot for every project to save the end users time. Because time is money and we don’t like to waste other’s time.

quiz app android
quiz app android studio
quiz app android results

Source Code

I hope above all code and images are helps to understand the overall project. Moreover you can customize the design as per your own requirements. Because when you are change the design, the entire project interface looks fine and unique. And the peoples also expect the unique design from market.

Fore more try our old Quiz application Android project when compare both code, you able to notice the good features. Through this you can use old & new code for getting the newest design or development concepts.

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