Online Examination System Project PHP

In this tutorial I have explain how to create online examination system project using PHP & MySQL. Nowadays every colleges & schools are migrate into online platform. Because when compared to offline, online has lot of features and save time. This is the major reason for why everyone should migrate into online platform. Especially in the COVID time number of organizations are directly move on online learning apps like Google Meet, Zoom etc.

Suppose if you have good knowledge in MySQL then starts your project on SQL database. Otherwise go for Firebase because most of companies are now hiring Google cloud Firebase developers. Because it’s perfect for online based application. For example Flipkart, Amazon apps are store their data on cloud for increase the page speed.

That’s why here I suggest Firebase for college students. However MySQL also best for local based projects & at the same time Firebase is best option for server based projects. Actually that’s very easy, so you can learn the Firebase code within a 20 days. Already we are posting Firebase Database tutorial like how make the Login Form, CRUD operation and more.

Create Project – Online Examination

Okay let’s see the requirements and steps for how develop simple & advanced online examination system project using PHP & MySQL code. For that you need XAMPP server for execute the PHP Project. I hope already you have those server & know the initial steps.

Therefore here first we need to create MySQL database connection for insert, delete, update records from database. After that only we able to make operation from client to server. If you have knowledge in Firebase then go for cloud & documentation also available on Google official site.

College Final Year Students

This type of projects are specially very helpful for computer science department college students. Because college students are only search simple projects and software companies are never looking for those type of projects. Moreover students are also looking for project report for source code & screenshot. But unfortunately we did not able to provide the documentation.

The reason is we have no time for spending to create a project report. Suppose if you know the project report then contact us & pay Rs.1000 for documentation. After that we are providing cleared & well structured documentation for your project.

Online Examination System Project Screenshot

Once check the online examination (quiz) system project output file of screenshot. Then you get some idea like how it’s working on your device. Every projects are tested on our device, so you did not face any difficulties during the run time.

online examination system project
online examination system project using php
examination system project using php mysql

Online Examination System Features

In below I have listed out the major feature of examination system project using PHP & MySQL. Best feature is you can customize the questions asp per your own requirements.

  1. Time management
  2. Pagination
  3. Clean UI
  4. User Authentication
  5. Validation
  6. Accept more module
  7. Customize the forms & pages

And still number of features are available. You can find that when you are execute on your system. To get the unique design, just modify the CSS file and add your own color, layout for better designs.

Source Code

I hope above all source code helps to create the online exam project. Already we are posting this project but now additionally add more improvements with extra features. So surely it’s helps to create more advanced topics for attract your opponent parties.

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