Travels Car Booking Project PHP

Here I explain how to develop Travels Car Booking Project using PHP & MySQL database. Most of peoples are currently booking via online website or android mobile applications. Because everything was simplified and easy to get ride with any places. A lot of business peoples are everyday using Travels for fulfill their daily/monthly requirements. Easily able to check availability, cost, rules & regulations and more things. However security is not guarantee by admin who are provide travels under on ride.

Because personally no one able to track them and the driver has no control so I think this option is not okay for understand full percentages. For example OLA companies are doing the same but they are not covering all the peoples. So if you need proper information details then go for private travels or bus which is helps o make our ride on best places and reasonable cost.

travels car booking project php

There is two options are provided for Customer. That’s like one is One Way and another another one is Round trip it means pick a date for both of from and to address for particular places. For example if you are plan to book a ticket for Chennai and also return same of our car ? Then you can use our services via Round Trip feature to reduce normal prices. Otherwise you can always pick One Way option for moving one place to another area. In the above image mentioned the Pickup and Drop location for each customers.


  1. Check Distance
  2. Price List
  3. Driver Details
  4. Car Type
  5. Remind Customers
  6. OTP & E-mail Verification
  7. Booking Summary

Create Project

Okay let’s see the steps for how develop Travel project using PHP & MySQL Database. Actually here we are using Laravel framework code because mail functionality and OTP concepts are working fine in this modules. But in Core PHP it’s very complicate to execute those type of technologies. However the script is very easy to develop, for that you need some minimum knowledge for handle the code.

Suppose if you are looking for Core PHP code and no idea about Framework code ? Don’t worry just share your thoughts on comment section we will arrange the source code in our end. We are always online to help our existing and new blog readers who are impress via our resources.


Totally there are five modules are implemented on this project. That was step by step explained in below sections.

  • Customer Book Trips
  • Getting Price List
  • Tariff
  • Booking Summary
  • Confirmation via OTP

These are common steps and path for use our travel based car or bus booking project using PHP frameworks. Laravel is recommended because it has lot of features, good documentation, support and everything is awesome. That’s why most of developers are suggest to use Laravel on large scale projects.

How it Executed ?

There is no Login/Signup form for book the cars. You can directly enroll our services because most of peoples are currently hate to fill those formality forms. This is the major reason for why we are skipping new registration form from our website. After select the from and to places you get price list, total K.M based on selected car like Sedan, SUV etc. Also Read our Gold Saving Scheme Project using PHP & MySQL database.

Screenshots – Travels Car Booking Project

Once check the entire booking project screenshot of output files. Hereafter you are getting clear cut idea for how every forms are executed and what are the functionalities are used on current project. Moreover you can customize the concept based on your own requirements.

car booking php
travels booking project php mysql

Source Code – Travels car Booking Project PHP

I hope above all source code helps to solve your problems. If you are facing any issues on this code just mentioned is on comment category and then we will try to sort out particular issues via our team members. For more project updates subscribe our blog or follow VetBosSel YouTube channel where we regularly uploaded programming videos.

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