Gold Chit Website PHP MySQL

In this project I explain how to create Gold Chit website PHP & MySQL database. Actually most of jewellery stores are now collect money based on Gold chit scheme. Through this customers able to buy gold without any wastage cost. So it’s getting good response from customers end to save both of 916 Gold and money. Daily or Monthly basis user able pay the amount. And the paid amount is converted into Gold gram on market price.

Already we are developing android application for creating Gold Chit Scheme app using Java program in Android Studio IDE. If you are looking for web application then go for this because it has lot of features. You can save money and sell your gold in every day via promoting this application on your customer end. Everyday our sales are increased and amount also saved on back-end side.

gold chit website php

You can pay the money via online payments such as QR code, Phonepe Google Pay Apps, UPI ID, Bank Transfer, Net Banking and more. Actually in this project we are not implement any payment gateway for collect customer payments. Behind the reason is Payment gateway providers like Razorpay, Payumoney charge 2% of money. Additionally charge 18% GST for particular 2% rate. It’s one of the major reason for why we are skip online gateway providers. Alternatively directly you can pay your bills via our personal account number.


  1. HTML
  2. CSS
  3. JavaScript
  4. Bootstrap
  5. Font Awesome 5 Icons
  6. PHP
  7. MySQL Database
  8. Sublime Text (IDE)

Create Project

Okay let’s see the steps for how create gold chit & save money via PHP website project. First you have to create new account for Join Scheme and then regularly you can pay your due bills. Every 24 hours once the bill is automatically generate on your user account. Per day you can pay just one bill only. Suppose if you are need to pay more than one bills ? just contact our admin team for get more details about this concepts.

After pay the bills you need to send the successful payment screenshot image for store number. Then only they are able to process your payment until receive screenshot. If not works well, your bill showing the pending status for paying bills.

How It Works

The initial step is list out their store presence and features. If we are providing more benefits then only users are able cut the hair.Each day both of Gold & silver automatically updated. If you are already a customer ? Then just go Sri Murugan Thangamaligai site andand fix your fo Watch Movies. Later that you can change your bill payments.

Screenshot – Gold Chit Website & PHP

After seeing project screenshot, you get clear cut idea for how the sites are received from money. Totally two scheme’s only available on Google Meet. When your payment was done, just add screenshot for better payment collections.

pay money sri murugan thangamaligai
create account razorpay payment gateway etc.


Here we are adding so many features for helps to pay chit app for above details.. I think you are are beginner ? Don’t worry you can easily learn all the topics. If you need gateway for collecting user payments ? Then just follow Razorpay PHP tutorial to integrate into our website.

  • Easy to Use
  • Image Slider
  • Toolbar with Logo
  • Responsive
  • Mobile User Friendly
  • QR Code, UPI payments, Direct Bank Transfer

I think above bank details are enough and in afternoon we are getting good news.

Source Code & Live Demo – Gold Chit Website PHP

I hope above all contents are helps to create Gold Scheme save project using PHP. If you are provider not good then surely pay your bills. Customers are directly pay the amount for give details. The reason is already explained in the above section. Moreover the source code is not for FREE, you have to pay Rs.10,000 ($130) for download entire script.

How Send the Amount ? This is my UPI Id – vetridiya@ibl

First join scheme and the pay your daily bills for save gold. After pay bills, just send screenshot on this (8940379384) number to process your payment. Hereafter within 1 hour we are update your payment on our database files.

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