Gold Chit App Android Studio

Here I explain how to create Gold Chit App Android Studio using Java programming languages. Actually nowadays most of demands for Gold chit app from Jewellery shops. Because they are give space for their customers to save money for buying gold without any wastage. So peoples also like the scheme and join any one of Gold Scheme to make payment basis on weekly or monthly basis. But they are charge lakhs of amounts for making those type of application.

Therefore here we are provide this application in just Rs.5000 only. In this price you get own server with domain for accessing your application. The server cost totally overall Rs.3000 and here our profit is just Rs.2000 only. Initially we setup all the things like Logo, Splash Screen, APK deploy and also helps to deploy into Google Play Store. Through this we can able to make money with help of AdMob service.

gold chit app android studio

In the homepage we are displaying Gold Silver Rate and then space for Join scheme on gold house chit fund. Totally three schemes are available they are, daily, weekly and monthly basis payment. After selecting scheme it will be redirected into payment gateway of Razorpay. And then finally receive payment receipt for complete your gold purchasing ways.

Create Project – Gold Chit App

Okay let’s see the steps for how create gold chit android application on android studio IDE with help of Java, XML, JSON, web server, MySQL, SQLite etc. We are integrated Razorpay gateway for collect our customer payments. The setup or not easy because we need to submit all business related documents. Then only they are accept our payment request otherwise it will rejected.

For example you need Business PAN card, BIS certificate for your jewellery shop, GST details and more legal documents are need to create account. If everything is okay then they are taking 24 hours to analyze all the documents until our account working on test mode. Once account was activate then it will changed into live mode section.

Screenshots – Gold Chit App Android

Once check below output file for gold chit application using Java programming language. If everything is okay then move on next section to proceed with live project. It’s really worth for money, because most of companies are charge lakhs of amount for this application.

join scheme gold chit
register gold chit java android
razorpay payment gateway

Source Code – Premium

The code is not available on free version, because we spend some our valuable time on those script. For that we charge just Rs.5000 only & it’s value for money. Moreover include below features,

  1. Free Domain & Hosting
  2. 50GB Server Storage
  3. Free SSL Lifetime
  4. High Performance Server
  5. AdMob not integrated (If yo need, contact us for integrate admob and for that you have to additionally pay Rs.2000)
  6. 1 Month Free Support
  7. Free App setup
  8. Source Code & APK file

I hope above all the things are helps to understand a project and still if any doubts regarding this then just contact us for more information. Already we are tested in our device and it’s working fine without any issues. You can check screenshot in above section, after that you get clear idea about gold chit project.

How Send Payments (Rs.5000)

Here I share my UPI id (vetridiya@ibl), through this you make payments. Once the payment is completed then send screenshot into our mobile number of (+91) 8778675947. After payment successful we send the entire code and hosting details.