Trading Investment App Android Studio

In this tutorial I explain how to develop Trading Investment App android studio using Java programming language. Actually recent days trading, stocks, investments are very popular because most of the people’s are try to make money via this concepts. That’s why here I make this article for how develop Trade android application using Java programming code. If you are good in Flutter then we are strongly recommend the framework because it has number of features when compared to native java.

For example the complete designs are looks like very attractive, user friendly navigation, responsive design, material layout, Clean UI/UX etc. These are major reason for why most of the developers are now migrate from Java into Flutter Dart language. However it’s not a easy one but documentation is very clean so you can sort out number of issues.

User Application (Android Studio)

First we need to create modules for register new users and login into existing customers. Before that create welcome screen for know about particular app full objectives, through this end users are able to understand the concepts. The intro slider screen and splash screen is very important features for every application so don’t reject this for any reasons. Then only your application called as a profession level of terms.

Modules – Trading Investment App Android

Here I share the number of modules which is used on this application. After seeing the modules you get some idea like how everything was executed and how to customize the existing project based on your requirements.

  1. Splash Screen
  2. Welcome Screen
  3. Register Account
  4. Login with OTP (mobile number or E-mail based)
  5. Reset Password
  6. Main Dashboard
  7. Setting Profile (Personal Data)
  8. Referral System
  9. Purchase Product
  10. Subscribe Plan
  11. Wallet Topup
  12. Content Management
  13. Logout

Admin Panel (Laravel Framework with MySQL Database)

The admin panel is developed by Laravel framework, I hope already you have some experience about MVC concepts. If we are using Core PHP then did not able to implement major features that’s why here we are adding framework based admin panel section for owners.

admin panel

Features – Trading Investment App Android

Number of features are available on this project, especially it’s wallet based project. So you can easily deposit and withdraw your money via wallet system. Most of the UPI companies also introduced wallet based payment methods. Moreover payment gateway also available in ready to use method, so you can integrate via enter API credentials.

  1. Subscribe methods
  2. Referral commissions
  3. Perfect money Gateway
  4. KYC verification
  5. Add multiple products
  6. Deposit & Withdraw Notification
  7. Interest Based automatic payments
  8. Auto withdraw
  9. Payment Alert
  10. Payment Gateway Integration (5+)


Once check the live demo after that you are getting some idea like how it’s worked and what are the changes to make for better results.

trading investment app androids ,
trading app signin
trading investment app android studio
trading android app
personal profile

Source Code – Trading Investment App Android

I hope above all explanation and output images are helps to understand the entire project. Actually the project is not for free, because it’s a very worthy application. So you have to pay some amount for getting app source code and admin panel code. You can check live demo, when you are contact us regarding this application.

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