Tourist Planner App Android Studio

In this tutorial I explain how to develop Tourist planner app android studio platform using Java and PHP programming language. We are using Laravel framework (MVC) framework for implement the API services, moreover database is MySQL. For the authentication purpose we are using Google Firebase with Email & Password or Mobile number based verification methods are available. So it’s based on your client requirements, if they are asking OTP then you can choose phone number based verification methods.

Actually Firebase is one of the best authentication features for verify our end users without any cost. They are provides 50 days sms per day, for more you have to upgrade the premium plans. However it’s worth for money when compared to other service providers because it’s google products. Login and Signup form is just optional only so later that you can remove the steps.

Technologies Used

We are using Java, Laravel (PHP), XML, MySQL, Firebasse and the IDE is android studio. I hope already you have some experience in mobile application development, because then only able to customize & handle the projects.

Project Features

After creating the account we are showing list of tourist places, booking train/flight/ hotels. You can choose any one of which you want to be use for further steps. In the every services we are adding phone number, reviews, google map location. So it’s very helpful for end users who are struggle to reach the destinations.

Execute Project – Tourist Planner App Android

End of the article we are adding complete source code in free of cost. So once download the source code on your machine and then open android studio IDE & open the particular project. After that the gradle will automatically get the dependency files based on project requirements,

System Requirements

  1. Processor – i5 (Recommended)
  2. RAM – 8GB
  3. Operation System – Windows/Linux (Ubuntu)/MAC

Features – Tourist Planner app android

Number of benefits are available on this project, so just check out our below output images to get more idea. That’s why in every project we are adding screenshot for replace the live demo session and it’s save the users time.

  1. Login/Register Authentication
  2. List of Tourist Places
  3. Hotels
  4. Call functionality available
  5. Google Map
  6. Easy to Use
  7. Responsive design
  8. Clear Navigation path
  9. Trip Planner
  10. Book Travels
  11. Customer Reviews
  12. Payment Gateway Not Available (online payment such as UPI, Credit/Debit Card)

Booking options are currently not available and in future we are updating those advantages in our existing projects. However it’s available on premium code, for more contact us to communicate into our application.

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Once check our output images for getting more ideas, later that you can change the layouts based on your requirements. However easy to manage when you have good knowledge on the particular domain.

tourist planner app android
trip planner app android studio
tourist planner application android studio

Source Code – Tourist Planner App Android

Above all contents are helps to build the file, if you are facing any issues let us know we will helps to solve the bugs. Already we are setup all the things so we hope did not raise any issues on your end during the development time.

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