Trip Planner Android App Source Code

In this tutorial I explain how to develop Trip Planner Android App using Java programming language. Actually current days most of the tourist people’s are booking their tickets on visit trips. For that every hotels, restaurant, flight, bus, train companies are allow users to book the tickets. Behind the reason is easy to manage travel, pickup scheduling, food and more categories.

Moreover we also provide the guideline with help of Google Map. For example if you are plan to visit Tamil Nadu then we you have to select TN state, after that places are automatically listed on your end. In every places, Directions are added so you can easily react your particular destination with help of Google MAP. For that initially you have to create new account and generate own API key for access the features.

trip planner android app

The demo purpose I have added my API key and it was no longer available to access on your account. So later that create own account and access the control via API services. To know more about once read the Google Map official documentation to get accurate data from list of places.

Create Project

Let’s see the steps for how create Tour Trip Planner android application for everyone who are looking for travel guidelines. Here we are listed out the collection of Restaurants, Hotels, Tourist places, vehicle services, events and more. You can request to access any services via Phone number and access through official website. Address, Location, Guidelines, Phone number details are added into every business stores.

So you can select any services which is convenient for your further purpose. Here we are not adding booking options to reserve rooms, order foods etc. But you can make those services via phone call or directly visit the store.

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Features – Trip Planner Android App

Number of benefits are available on this project when compare to other application. We are clearly explain the navigation with user friendly navigation like menu, buttons, text and so on layouts. Therefore it’s very good for Tourist people’s who are looking for guideline applications.

  1. User Friendly Navigation
  2. Clean UI
  3. Easy to Use
  4. Google Map API
  5. Direction (Location)
  6. Call to Action
  7. Material Design
  8. RecyclerView
  9. Bug Free
  10. Events Date, Time & Location Path


It’s not a small project so here we should be develop more than 20 plus modules. Then only able to develop all of the functionalities otherwise we should be skip some unwanted layouts. But her eeach one is very important and affect the application when we are forget to add on our existing projects.

Screenshot – Output

Once check the project screenshot after that you are getting clear idea about the project functionalities. Moreover later that you can customize the layouts based on your own or client requirements. Here we are created simple and attractive navigation menus with proper guidelines. So I hope surely you can feel good after testing on your system.

trip planner food android app
booking project
trip planner booking place hotel

Source Code – Trip Planner Android App

I hope above all steps are helps to understand the project. Actually this project not for free, you have to pay Rs.1000 for download the source code and clear installation steps. We are guide to how install and customize the tourist plan application on your end.

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