SignUp Phone Verification Flutter

SignUp Phone Verification Flutter – In this tutorial I have explain how to verify your phone number sign up using flutter. Nowadays most of scammers are available online to hack our personal information like account number, UPI password, address mobile number etc. That’s why every company was verify new customer account using their personal phone number like Facebook, WhatsApp etc.

signup phone verification flutter

When we have move on without verification, hackers are easily find out our location & account information. So all of companies give this option for sign up verification or email verification options.. Both have secure, but in my opinion mobile number verification is most safe and secure.

How It’s Working?

This question raised was every users and company staffs also. The answer was first we have to ask permission for our service providers like Airtel, Vodafone, Jio. After the approval, they are give one API (Application Program Interface) key for access user details. Through the API we can easily able to verify the number using our code. Here I have to use Flutter Dart code for integrate our services.

Okay let’s start our project for Sign up phone number verification android application using flutter. Already I told this is very demand code, so we need more concentration for implement this project. Initial stage was we have to get API from the service providers. After that easily integrate the services to API key.

Create Project

I hope u know the basic steps of flutter project creation. Suppose if you don’t know, just watch my Flutter Tutorial for to learn more about the technology. After watch the videos you got some idea about flutter technology to learn mobile apps. These days every companies hire & target only flutter developers. The reason was it’s lightweight, easy to use widgets, less code (time saving) and more advantages.

How Start this project

Already i told the instruction for how implement sign up phone verification for new account user creation. Major steps was buying API to the service providers. After that we can easily able to configure the application in our system..

  1. Get API from the Service Providers (Airtel, JIO, vodafone)
  2. After getting API write flutter code for integrate the services
  3. Then users are easily access both of our services & their API code.
  4. The service providers are charge minimum amount for every message transactions.

Download Source Code – Signup Phone Verification Flutter

I hope above steps are helped to work with mobile phone SMS verification using flutter. If face any issues just comment below I will try to fix the problem as soon as possible.

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