Online Voting System PHP MySQL

Online Voting System PHP MySQL – In this article I will explain how to develop online based poll voting system project using PHP MySQL. In this century everyone like to give their voting poll in online based system but still our India country and state not like that procedure.

When we used the online voting system no one cheat us on give their vote for our election leaders. So in this project i have to give details about develop online based voting pull system using PHP MySQL.

Most of countries follow online voting system but in our country and some of countries still execute on offline based voting system that’s why cheating are arranged on our election system. In future more chances are available to launch online based voting system mode.

Online Voting Features

Here i list out some of major features on online voting system in PHP and MySQL programming languages on help of XAMPP server. Duplicate voting are automatically removed from this system.


In this project totally tow module one is customer module who give the vote for election leaders and another one module is admin module. The admin is provide customer name and their personal details like name address gender area location and more. Finally the admin is verify voter id is original or not, means valid or invalid.

Customer Module

Every customer has one account for give their vote. If you are a new customer and don’t have account, just create new one after that you can directly click the login button then give your credentials for enter account. The admins are list out election leaders name who are participate in this election.

Choose one of the leaders name, one time only you can give the vote. After that you cannot vote again. After give the voting finally check how much vote posted for every account holders to know the winners.

Admin Module

Admins are fix voters list then only customers are give the vote. Here i demonstrate for programming languages not election voters name because we are programmer that’s why listed the programming languages. Later that change subject as your wish.

One of the date admins are announce the voting result for individual customers who are permit to give the voting for the elections per counting based results are published.

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Online Voting System – Demo

Before downloading the project once check live demo, if the project is worth or not for download the source code of online voting system using PHP MySQL.

Online Voting System Source Code

If you are okay in live demo then this is for your download full source code of online voting system PHP. If you are face any bugs just comment below I will help to fix your queries as soon as possible. Fore more project check our project category to expose more quality projects with source code.

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