Stock Management System PHP

Here I have explained how to develop Stock Management System PHP MySQL project. It’s like similar of Inventory store web application to manage users, products and sales report. Every business needs this type of software to manage their products with profit section. The added advantage you can easily track the purchase reports, sales and also update records.

Through this business owners are check the product stocks and sales report. The main objective is handle systematic process manage our entire services. It’s best for mechanic workshop, jewellery shop, grocery store, mobile shopping sites and supports more businesses. To do the all works in manually enter into your allocated space. Moreover day based or monthly based you can download the reports in PDF format.

stock management system php mysql

In the above image I have add the overall stock report for all the products including each categories. You can also get report via category basis, so it’s depends on your own requirements. It’s helps to manage all over stocks with available quantity, purchase cost and exact dates. The download report options are currently not available however you can save the file via PDF format extension or just screenshot the reports. Number of browser extensions are available to capture the images like Lightshot tool etc.

Technology Used

Here are are using Bootstrap front-end framework for design the attractive page. Suppose if you are good in Angular then go for it otherwise we will suggest Laravel or Codeigniter if you are expert in programming languages. If in initial stage then starts with Core because then only you get some clear cut idea like how every things are executed in our code.

Project NameStock & Sales Management
Front-endHTML, CSS, JS & Bootstrap
Web ServerXAMPP

Create Project – Stock Management System PHP

Okay let’s see the steps for how create stock, sales, inventory management system project using PHP and MySQL database. It’s very perfect web application mid level business peoples who are struggle to manage their products and profit report. With help of this website you can track sales report based on daily, weekly and monthly basis. Moreover stock report also available with category and date basis reports.

For that first you have to create product category for each items. Then only you can able to create new items (product) with official name, SKU (optional), Description, Purchase cost, selling cost, date and time fields are raised by users side. This is the second part hereafter you have to create new customer for assigning the sales. And the customer creation is optional only not mandatory so you can leave it blank. Directly operate sales stocks with manual way to find the overall profit.


Totally 8 modules are created in this project and those are very important because already we are omitting minor feature modules. In future if you are need this or your client looking for the particular access then just use the comment code.

  1. Homepage Admin Dashboard
  2. Product Categories
  3. Add Products
  4. Add Stocks
  5. Sales
  6. Stocks Report
  7. Day Sale & Profit
  8. All Sales & Purchase Report
  9. Logout

Additional feature is you can manage users like you employees based on restriction. But it was hidden by main navigation menu, you can manually add later on your application.

Features – Stock Management System

A lot of features are available in this project, specially made for business owners who are struggle to manage their entire information. Already most of the business peoples are migrated into digital way to secure the data. Therefore you can also migrate offline to online data transmission to track every movements on your end.

  1. Clean UI
  2. Easy to Use
  3. Bootstrap Design
  4. Responsive (Mobile View)
  5. Ajax Live Search to track Products
  6. Sales & stock reports
  7. Single page operation

and more benefits are available on stock based inventory project using PHP program. After seeing the screenshot you get more idea about the functionalities. We have 100+ android apps source code in free of cost for educational purposes.


stock maintanence php
add sales order php mysql

Source Code

We hope above instructions are helps to understand about our code. Still you are struck in any place just comment below we are try to sort your issues in our end. The project credits goes to Mr. Cory Potter who are currently working on one of the product based company from Oregon, USA.

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