Online Shopping Project PHP MySQL

In this tutorial I will explain how to design and develop the Online Shopping Project PHP and MySQL. Now a days everyone buy most of the things in E-Commerce site so here i will teach how to develop the online e-commerce site in PHP and MySQL. Most of peoples are like to their products through online and customers are also like to buy their things in online (E-Commerce Website PHP MySQL).

Online Shopping PHP MySQL

Okay let’s start, how to design and develop the Online Shopping portal using the PHP and MySQL. Online Shopping means here you can buy groceries, mobiles, gadgets and more products. PHP is a Good Scripting language used for develop great level e-commerce websites that’s why most of developers choose PHP languages to develop their websites. Facebook and most of popular sites also use PHP for develop web pages and its secure.

Create New Project

In this project i give the name of Online Shopping PHP MySQL, After creating the project you have to first create one index.php file for our homepage design. Before start the project once read the official documentation then only you are getting some idea about particular sector. Moreover online payment also available on this project so you can easily able to track orders.

After creating the homepage file, we add to some products in the homepage. When we have click the products its show the all details like price, specifications and more. Totally two login authentication are available like User and Admin who are completely manage the entire products.

Add Products Homepage

The first step is over,that’s homepage design hereafter we have add mobile phone or some other electronics gadgets. When the user click the Add to Cart Button its automatically added from the cart list. Then go to on the checkout part to make the payments or update the cart list.

Database Connection

This is the major part for our project to store the all products from the database. Here i have choose MySQL database for store and access the products into the database. The database connection code is,

After create and connect the database we need to import the tables. In below i have export the table in SQL format so you have to import the SQL file in your database. In this project the database name is cart.


  1. Login/Create New Account
  2. Collection of Products
  3. Online Payment & Cash on Delivery
  4. Track Orders
  5. Responsive Layout
  6. Category Bases products are listed

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Download Source Code – Online Shopping Project PHP

Here you can download the full source code for Online Mobile Shopping Project using PHP MySQL. Recent days number of people’s are looking for online based shopping project because now everything was converted into digital method. It’s mainly used for college students who are currently studying final year. Later that you can customize the project based on your own requirements.

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