Inventory Management Django Python

Here I explain how to create Inventory Management Django Python project for both of college students & working professionals who are looking for clients. These days most of the business owners are manage their accounts in digital method. So they are looking for software to maintain all over stocks, purchase, sale and so many things. Because through this we can able to maintain the exact records when compared to offline mode.

This is one of the major reason for most of people’s are starts to using software based products for manage their entire services or products. For example billing software completely save our time and show the exact result for end users which means customers. Moreover target also very easy & focus on exact scenario who are looking for accurate results.

inventory management django python

However some time it’s raise issues, for that we have to maintain our system in proper ways. Otherwise sometimes it’s show the wrong records. Already in our blog we are posting stock management (inventory) system software using PHP & MySQL database. So before that once check the live demo & after that you are getting some idea about the particular concepts

Create Project – Inventory Management Django Python

Okay let’s see the steps for how to create inventory management system project using Django framework in python language. Before this you have to learn basic steps about Django framework because then only able to handle the issues and how solve bugs. Hereafter you can manage any type of application and do customization work from your own concepts.

How It Works

Initially you have to create some categories for your products. Second step is upload your existing product on your store and then repeat the same work for further steps. When you are getting any sale of particular product then you have to manually go to on the sale option to assign sale for new customers.

Moreover stock reports are also available like daily basis or monthly basis steps. When we request the reports it will displayed on PDF format, and also option available to download the source code on our end.

Main Modules – Inventory Management Django Python

  1. Category
  2. Add New Products
  3. Manage Sales
  4. Stock Reports
  5. Purchase Reports


Number of features are available on this project so once check our live demo for get more ideas. However you can easily understand the concepts when look at our explanation. Because it’s very easy methods. For the sample purpose in below we are listed major benefits only when activate our project on your system.

  1. User Friendly Navigation
  2. Easy to use
  3. Bootstrap Layout
  4. PDF Reports
  5. Forgot Password
  6. User Management

Screenshot (Live Demo) – Inventory Management Django

inventory management sidebar

Once checkout our project screenshot after that you are getting clear cut idea like how it’s working and what are the changes to make for next level. Django have lot of features when compared to other framework of Flask. First install PIP and set environment variables otherwise you are getting import module errors. You can directly download the modules from the official website of PyPI

Source Code

I hope above all steps and explanations are helps to build a exact inventory application. If you are facing any issues during the run time just contact us for fix all bugs from our end. However it’s very easy you can easily sort out all of with help of Stackoverflow official website.

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