Gold Chit Scheme App Android

In this tutorial I explain how to develop Gold Chit Scheme App Android project using Java programming language. Already in the previous article we are posted about this project but here added some advantage with new payment gateway. So I hope it surely helps to build better navigation and good UI/UX application for your end users.

Recent days most of the customers are pay their everyday bills via online transaction apps like PhonePe, Google Pay, Paytm etc. Business owners also like this type of transaction because the data is very secure and easy to store & manage customer information without any leakage. In the previous article I explained Gold Saving scheme app with CCAvenue payment gateway integration. And now integrate Razorpay for improve better user experience. Both payment providers are best however some of developers/people’s are like Razorpay. That’s why here we are make another one tutorial for integrate with Razorpay company.

gold chit scheme app android


  1. Simple UI
  2. Material Design
  3. Splash Screen
  4. User Friendly Navigation
  5. Auto Bill Generation based on (Monthly/Daily)
  6. Cron Jobs
  7. Payment History
  8. Total Bills, Gram, Amount etc.
  9. Track all pending and paid Bills
  10. Razorpay/CCAvenue Payment Gateway Integration
  11. UPI Intent
  12. Accept All Payment Methods like UPI, Credit/Debit Card. QR Code Scan, UPI id, Net Banking, Bank Transfer etc.
  13. Payment Confirmation mail

Still lot of features are available, however here we are not implement Mobile OTP based account registration. Because our client did not demand the particular features. In future we are surely implement those features.

How It Works

First we have to collect some basic information from customers like their name, address, saving amount, daily or monthly basis. Hereafter based on their selection we are generate bills for their personal dashboard. For example one customer choose daily plan then every day we are generating new bills based on selection amount and gold rate. After pay the bills, the data was stored on user dashboard.

Admin Panel – Gold Chit Scheme App Android

Admin panel is very essential for manage all the users data and also helps to update everyday gold, silver prices. Moreover we can track each and every users bill data and their person information such as name, mobile number, place, address, saving scheme plan etc.

  1. Homepage Dashboard
    • Total Amount
    • Total Gram
  2. Rate Update
    • Gold Rate
    • Silver Rate
  3. View Customer Bills & Details

Screenshot – Gold Saving Scheme App

Once check out live demo or screenshot for our application after that you are getting clear idea about it. That’s why in every article we are submit output images for further improvements.

gold saving scheme android studio razorpay
gold saving scheme app android studio
saving scheme app jewellery
register gold scheme
gold saving scheme login

Buy Project & Live Demo | Source Code

I hope above all steps & explanation helps to understand the gold chit saving scheme application. Suppose if you have own Jewellery shop and looking for this type of application then feel free to contact us for further installation & support from us.

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