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Here I explain how to develop Gold Saving Scheme App Android Studio IDE using Java, PHP, MySQL programming languages. Current days most of the jewellery shop owners are converted into digital ways. So they are creating website for selling available jewels for their customers from home. As a result no need to visit offline store. Nowadays everything was simplified and save our efforts & money.

In the same category most of jewellery owners are provide new features for their customers. That’s save money and end of plan they are able to buy gold without any wastage. So most of peoples are like this type of scheme based on daily, weekly or monthly basis pay the amounts. Every time we are not able to visit particular store to pay money. Alternatively we can pay the exact amount via Razorpay payment gateway who helps to collect payments from all customers.

gold saving scheme android

This app currently live on Google Play Store. You can find the app to search the word of Sri Murugan Thangamaligai. Recently we are completing gold saving scheme android mobile application and website using PHP and MySQL database. Through the application customer able to pay amount and in the back-end we are converted in Money to Gold. When the schemes are completed customers can buy gold without any hidden charges & wastage.

Create Project – Gold Saving Scheme App Android Studio

Okay let’s see how to develop the Gold Chit saving android application using Java Program. Actually this app not a native and we are using WebView concept to access the application. All of the functionalities are working fine without any issues. Moreover Razopray Payment gateway also integrated in both of mobile and web application. When compared to other gateway Razorpay is best such as PayU, Cashfree, CCAvenue, Instamojo, Stripe etc.

Already I told we are using WebView concept and additionally we are implementing some functionalities for app users to access in easiest ways. So don’t worry about performance of your particular application. We are give 100% surety for your customers from our end.


  1. Everyday Gold & Silver Rate Updated
  2. Join Gold Scheme via this application
  3. Able to check history of payment
  4. Track Total Gold & Money
  5. User Friendly Navigation
  6. Easy to Use
  7. Online Payment Methods

Log In Page

  1. Customer
  2. Admin

Admin have permission to check existing and new customer details. Moreover able to track available amount and Gold gram in main dashboard page. And also see pending & user completed bills. Admin only have permission to generate bill for users. Hereafter only particular customers are pay the bill. Per day pay just one bill and it’s automatically generate every day in 24 hours duration schedule steps.

How It Works

First user Join the scheme with fill following information like Name, Email, Password, Phone Number, Amount and some personal details. After completing this one, user get bill for exact amount when we enter on account creation. Every 24 hours once the bills are automatically generated. If you are choosing daily plan, then you get everyday otherwise one time only generated when you are select monthly plan.

Website also Available in PHP (Gold Saving Scheme Chit)

The URL is Sri Murugan Thangamaligai

Demo & Screenshots – Gold Saving Scheme App

You can check the app functionalities in live application. The app name is Sri Murugan Thangamaligai which is located on Udangudi. Applications are currently available on Play Store, so just install and proceed the next steps.

join gold scheme android app
gold chit pay money android
jewellery store gold chit android

Source Code

I hope above all explanation and output files are helps to find understand projects. And one more thing this project not for free because we are spend most of days to develop all functionalities. So you have to pay some amount for your need. We have available for both of apps and websites.

To know the price contact me via this number (+91 8778675947) or mail me ( I am from Tiruchendur, Tamil Nadu.

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