Flutter TikTok App

Flutter TikTok App – In this tutorial i will explain how to make TikTok app in both of android & iOS using Dart programming language. TikTok is very famous short video sharing entertainment social media application. Headquarter on Chinese owned by ByteDance company.

Once upon a time TikTok app is very popular across world. But currently it’s not available on India and some countries. Alternatively now Instagram replace the Tik Tok place. Therefore currently everyone starts to posting reels videos on social media sites.

on the other hand some developers are looking for similar of Tik Tok android application. So here in this article I have explain the procedure and free source code. I hope surely it’s useful for so many college students and working professionals.

flutter tiktok app

TikTok App is very popular app which is used most students & also working professional peoples. So here I explain how develop TikTok app using flutter dart language. Tik Tok app development is not easy, we need strong knowledge in database like Firebase or SQL.

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TikTok Android App

Tik Tok is very high level app, we need one team for develop those type of apps. Million of users everyday using these application. So most of developers try to get free source code but finally exact code not available. That’s why here I give full source code. I hope it may be helpful for your career or project development.

All languages are support in this app and we able to customize the app based on your requirements. Like merge video & audio, voice change, download video etc. In this project used cloud database for high level performance.

Apart from flutter tutorial, learn Angular Tutorial Beginner. Angular is most popular programming language which is used by moreover software companies. So when you learn angular, you got highest salary & bright career.

Source Code

I hope above guides are helpful for your future career. So download & import source code from your IDE like Visual Studio Code (VS Code) or Android Studio. Flutter is light weigh standards, so we can easily work with flutter.

Nowadays day to day Instagram application launch new features for attract the creators and end users. So we need to give quality of designs and concepts. Then only we able to attract the peoples and hold the market places.

We have collection of source code available in various of program.

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