E Learning App Flutter

Here I explain how to develop E Learning App Flutter framework for both of Android & iOS mobile application. Current days most of the colleges and education institutions are conduct classes via digital method. For that they are prefer android mobile application, because current days everyone has smart phones with latest features. So easily able to adopt with latest technologies like payments, premium contents, quiz and more.

In this application we are providing three types of study materials such as PDF documents, Audio Files (You can create your own audio with music) and then Quiz with questions and answers. Through this application you can run one of the best study related e-books application using Java/Kotlin programming languages. Currently we are not adding any payment options for add the premium contents like sell some contents.

And in the next update we are plan to upgrade the plan in free to premium. In further steps I have add the output screenshot for this application, after that you are getting some idea like which is worth or not based on your requirements. However once analyze may be it’s perfectly matched on your expectations.

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Main Modules

Already I told in this android application has totally 3 type of navigation modules. Later that you can add or remove new one based on your requirements. For that we have to customize the code and add additional functionalities for further concepts.

  1. Study Documents (PDF)
  2. Online Quiz (MCQ Pattern)
  3. Audio Files

Actually the online exam is available on Multiple Choice Questions MCQ pattern, because every exams are following this methods. That’s why here we are also followed this type of question types for our end users.

You can customize the existing application based on your own requirements. But for that you have to pay some amount for us to do particular works.

Admin Panel PHP – E Learning App Flutter

Admin panel is very important part for every android application. Then only able to add or remove the contents from your side. So we can control our application to upload or edit data within a seconds because everything is stored & accessed by admin side. The admin panel developed by Laravel framework with Bootstrap plugin to make the good layout designs.

Live Demo

Once check out live demo & output images for further steps, hereafter you get some idea like how it’s working and what are functionalities are available in customers end.

Source Code – E Learning App Flutter

The source code is not for free, you have to purchase the code and then we are send code from your official mail address. To make the payment just contact us or WhatsApp (+91 8778675947) in this number for full details regarding this application.

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