Flutter Medicine Reminder App Android Studio

In this tutorial I explain how to develop Flutter Medicine Reminder app in Android Studio platform. Here we are using Google Firebase database for storing data & authenticate users. It’s very simply app, it means here you can create new medicine and then set Alarm when it will be remind us. However need to implement more features like adding camera to manually capture the tablets. If you have good knowledge on Flutter then you can add those features.

Already in the previous article we are explained medicine reminder app using Java programming language if you have no idea in dart code. Otherwise just continue with this one to provide perfect result for patients who are currently access the particular application. Moreover the alarm is automatically configured into our existing app, because already it was communicate with Dart library files.


  1. Login & Signup
  2. Material User Interface Design
  3. Easy to use
  4. Upload Prescription
  5. Tablets counts, grams, size etc
  6. Alarm Notified via default clock application
  7. Session Based

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Admin Panel – Google Firebase

It’s not a large scale project that’s why here we are not using Core PHP & Laravel Framework. However you can access number of benefits from our side. For that need technical knowledge then only able to working with on particular projects. Because Google Firebase is not a easy task to do with anyone. Authentication features are available through this you can enable OTP based verification via E-mail or mobile number. After cross the limits you have to upgrade the premium plan to access further features.

Future Enhancements – Flutter Medicine Reminder App

Most of the college students are asking to adding some of new benefits like capture images via Phone Camera, Multiple Reminder, Track History, Collection of Pills category based structure etc. So in further updates we are adding those advantage for next major updates.

  1. Integrate Camera
  2. Flutter Bloc
  3. Grid
  4. Repeat Alarm

Screenshots – Output images

Once check out final output screenshots, after that you are getting some idea like how it’s worked and what are the navigation are available. Based on your requirements you can create more files & designs with attractive user interface/experience.

Source Code – Flutter Medicine Reminder App

I hope above all explanation and source code helps to build android medicine reminder application using Google Firebase database. Moreover this project not for free, you have to pay Rs.1500 ($20) for get the complete code with proper guidelines.

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