Flutter Banking App Android

Flutter Banking App Android – In this article I have explain how develop android flutter banking application. Banking app need lot of security because its payment related business. So we need strong payment transaction to do a greatest project ever. Maximum java is most preferred programming language for developing security level apps & projects.

Nowadays everyone has bank account and easily they are complete their transactions via UPI apps. For example Google Pay, PhonePe, Paytm simplify our any related works. So no need to going on bank to transfer the money from one account to another account.

So most of college students and working professionals are looking for android bank management system application. To develop similar of those mentioned application. I hope surely this project satisfied your requirements and you can customize the every things.

flutter banking app android

But here we not use java language, alternatively using Dart program. Flutter also one of best secure program for high level mobile applications like banking, school management system, image slider, online photo editor application, chat application like Facebook, WhatsApp social media app.

Flutter Banking App Android – Create Project

Let’s start our project to develop android bank management system project source code application in android studio or visual studio code. After complete the basic steps like project creation, package creation. Then we have start to write code for implement designs.

Open the main.dart file & add following below code to make an attractive material design application. End of the article you can get the full source code of android banking app.

import 'package:bank_app/screens/home_screen.dart';
import 'package:flutter/material.dart';

void main() {
      title: 'Bank App',
      home: HomeScreen()
      // routes: <String, WidgetBuilder>{
      //   '/HomeScreen': (BuildContext context) => new HomeScreen()
      // },

Flutter Bank App Screenshot

Here I have share the homepage screen of android flutter bank management system application.

flutter banking app android

Flutter Banking App Source Code

I hope above steps are helps you to make a good user interface banking android application. The home screen interface looks like GooglePay. Customization is your choice you can change the buttons, colors, images etc. In below download source code free of Flutter Banking App Android. In previous article I explained How Create & Blog and Start to Earn from home.

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