How Create Start Blog

How Create Start Blog – In this article I have explain how create blog/website via WordPress platform. Blogging is one of the best way for making money online. So most of working professionals and college students are looking for side income jobs. Therefore in this article I explain the clear steps for how create blog and earn money in easiest ways.

Through the blogging we able to apply so many sources for generate money unlike YouTube. But for that we need some technical knowledge skills. Then only able to earn passive income in our free time.

How Create Start Blog

Blog Gives Money?

Yes. Blog gives passive money for write articles about any other topics like programming, cooking, financial, beauty, gaming etc. When we blog, we apply google Adsense or some of advertising company. After approval process, they give money for us to showing ads in blog. Already I published one article like How Make Money with Google AdSense.

How Create Start Blog

Let’s start our blog creation tutorial Tamil. Follow my below complete steps to easily create new blog & earn money through the blog (also called website). We can’t freely create blog, need to invest Rs.3000 to Rs.5000 per year to maintain blog. The cost for blog domain & hosting. Follow below steps to completely finishing your blog setup.

  1. Select & Buy Domain Name (Blog Web Address for example
  2. Buy Hosting Plain (Store the content like your articles)
  3. After that Install WordPress
  4. Then write articles about your favorite topics.
  5. Finally apply from AdSense & start to earn money through blog.
how create start blog

That’s all. So now step by step see the explanation of above procedure to make correct way. After going on few days you got exact path of blogging. So your journey will be very happy with blog.

1. Buy Domain & Hosting – How Create Start Blog

The initial step is must buy one domain name and hosting. Lot free website providers also available. But through the free site we can’t monetize our blog with advertising company. In my YouTube Channel I have published one video which is explain how buy domain & hosting.


Hostinger is one of the best hosting providers across this world. And the price also reasonable when compared to other hosting companies like Hostgator, Godaddy, A2hosting, siteground, bluehost etc. When we choose hostinger for our website, we get following features.

  1. Highest Speed
  2. SSD Storage
  3. Cloudflare
  4. Lifetime Free SSL
  5. Helps to increase SEO Ranks
  6. Online Support
  7. Increase page performance
  8. Loading Speed (1.5 to 3 seconds)
  9. Unlimited Bandwidth

Still a number features are available when we are using Hostinger service. Suppose if you are beginner then choose the basic plan after that you can able to upgrade the plan.

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How Buy

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In conclusion I hope this article helps to how create start blog with your own steps.