Cash Management App Android Studio

Here I explain how to develop Cash Management App Android Studio platform using Java programming languages. Actually it’s a cash ledger app, it mean you can manage your entire transaction via your personal android application. These days everything are converted into digital platforms, so there is no use for paper based works. So the business owners are demanding digital based application for managing their daily activities.

And here we are create application for manage cash via message patterns. For example if you are provide cash related business for public people’s then you can store the everyone details with exact information like date, borrow amount, Message updates and more features are available. It’s like similar of Khatabook digital platform mobile based application for manage your business and personal ledgers.

Main Modules

  1. GST & Non GST Bills
  2. Inventory Management
  3. Personal account
  4. Business accounts
  5. SMS Alert & updates for each payments

Main Features

You can save the amount which is given by you for some of clients or customers. Then you can manage cash book based and also remind him to pay the left amount. Through this you can do the interest based business for managing accounts on digital methods.

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  1. User Friendly Navigation
  2. Easy to Use
  3. What you Give (Amount)
  4. What You Get (Amount)
  5. Report Generation
  6. SMS Gateway Integration (Fast2SMS)
  7. Message Alert
  8. Payment Amount
  9. Virtual Wallet
  10. Business Directory (Means manage workers/employees)

Create Project – Cash Management App Android

Okay let’s see the steps for how create cash management ledger application for both of personal & business usages. Here we are using Google Firebase database for enable authentication, OTP (email, mobile), store data and more purposes. If you are good in SQL database then go for it, however Firebase is one of the best option for mobile based application. That’s why here we are integrating Firebase as a back-end database to process data from server side.

Installations Steps

First you have to download the source code and paste into your android studio projects folders. I hope already you are integrate the dependencies like SDK, Virtual machine for execute the output screen of emulator and more. If you are facing any issues during the development then just ping us to solve the bugs.

Screenshots – Cash Management App Android

Once check out project output files after that you are getting some idea like how it was executed and what are features are available on this project.

cash management app android
cash ledger app android

Source Code

I hope above all contents are helps to understand the project features. If the project is okay for you then just contact us for further steps because the source code is not for free, you have to pay some amount for download the code.

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