Shopping Cart Android Studio

Here we will see how to create online shopping cart android studio IDE. These days shopping website is essential for all business who are sell products offline store. Once upon a time every customers are buy the products directly into the store. But now everything was changed and bought a product via online sites like Amazon, Flipkart etc.

Before start the tutorial I explain some basic things from my own opinion. That’s if you are beginner in app development ? Then try Flutter because most of android developers are now migrate migrate from Java into Dart programming languages. Behind the reason it has lot of features when compared to other programs.

However Java is powerful language and still no one beat the java code. But for the simple application, Flutter is okay with minimum feature but quality is fine. That’s why here I suggest Flutter framework for hybrid mobile application, that means you can get both of Android & iOS output file.

I hope now you are get some idea like how choose mobile application platform. Both has lot of feature and high volume data, online support, documentation and more. Moreover we are already upload e-commerce website using Java. For more details once you have to check the article to get relevant information about your project.


  1. Java
  2. XML
  3. Firebase
  4. SQLite
  5. Android Studio IDE

Create Project – Shopping Cart Android

Let’s see the steps for how create simple & advanced level of online shopping ecommerce website using Java program in android studio IDE. It’s similar of E-commerce site and that was already uploaded in our article. And now the purpose of this article, we are adding more features which is not available on previously uploaded project.

The main advantage is, here we are using third part library files for simplify the works. For example in most of modules fragments activities are applied and recyclerview based products are listed on homepage. When we are added recyclerview concepts our projects looks like very user friendly with ease of access benefits.

Moreover you can able to directly move on checkout page in the place of homepage or category page. No need to open the particular page to rad the product description, images, reviews and so many things. If you are plan to buy then directly able to move shopping cart page with button action click in below of products.

Shopping Cart Android Studio Feature

Previously we are discuss about the major features and now just see some major benefits of shopping cart websites. As usual online payment gateways are connected and integrate with bank account number. For the demo purpose we are added some duplicate details. Later that you can change the particular information to replace your active details.

  1. Single Page Checkout
  2. Material Design
  3. OTP based account verification
  4. Payment Gateway Inegration
  5. User friendly Navigation
  6. Social Media Authentication
  7. Category wise products are listed
  8. Product Search
  9. Account Management
  10. Mange Products with minor features

Still number of benefits are available. For that first you have check on your device after that take your decision whether it’s useful or not based on your requirements.

Shopping Cart Screenshots

Once see shopping website output files like how it’s executed and how many modules are used in the management system. If the project is okay for you then go to on the next section to download the source code. Otherwise visit other sources to getting a advance feature of online e-commerce web application.

shopping cart android studio
ecommerce website using java android studio
shopping cart application android source code

Source Code

I hope above all images and explanations are helps to build the project. If you have good experience in Java, then you can re-design the interface for better results. When you are doing this, it’s looks like unique. Nowadays customers are expecting error free application with fastest speed, so Firebase is recommended database for store your files.

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