Auction Android App Source Code

Here I explain how to develop Auction Android App using Java programming language in android studio platform. Auction is one of the most best way for selling our products in best price of market. Once upon a time people’s are do their auction between both of common places. But now everything was changed and move on digital methods. For example software companies are creating some space for uploading products on market places.

After that everyone able to participate the Auction competition with some of entry fee like Rs.50 to 100. It’s based on company owner who are manage the particular auction app in live mode. So the entry fee is completely on your hand, you can also allow users in free of cost to enroll the program. But when you are doing this, you have no profits, that’s why here we are adding the feature for collection some initial amount from end users.

auction android app source code

After the payment was successful, they are able to bid the amount like participate & bid cost from market places. They are getting notification on each time when new products are ready to be auction mode. On the other hand free plan also available but they have no option to bid the amount. Just watch the competition for sample & then may be participate the next auction.

Create Project

Okay let’s see the steps for how to create Auction based android application using Java, PHP, MySQL, Google Firebase programming languages. Firebase used for enable authentication for both of admin and customers. Suppose if you have no knowledge on java program then we are suggest Flutter (Dart) or Ionic framework with Angular. The choice is your wish but output is very important because user interface & experience is most important to hold the users in our application.

That’s why most of the companies are spending lakhs of money to develop high or mid level mobile application. Here you get web portal admin panel for handle the marketplaces like adding, editing, removing products which is sold on auction. Moreover customer payment, content management and most of controls on your hand, if you are in admin section.

Modules – Auction Android App

  1. Mobile App Layout Design
  2. Splash Screen
  3. Intro Welcome Screen
  4. Homepage Dashboard
  5. Register/Login
    • Registration with Initial Payment
    • Mobile OTP or Email Confirmation to verify Account
    • Login (Authentication)
    • Forgot Password (Retrieve via SMS OTP or Email
  6. My Account
    • View/Add/Edit/Delete personal details such as Name, Mobile Number, Address, Age etc
    • Change Password
    • View Payment Transaction History
    • View Previous Bid Products
    • View Posted Products
  7. Search
    • Search by Product/Category/Cost/Keyword/Location/Zip Code
    • View Selected Detail Page
  8. Product
    • View/Select Posted Product List with Image
    • Amount Details
    • Timing
    • Duration for Auction
    • View Limited Bid Amount
    • Touch to Raise the Bid Amount
  9. Payment Gateway
    • Razorpay (All payment methods like Google Pay, PhonePe, UPI Id, Debit/Credit Card, Net Banking) etc.
    • CCAvenue
    • Cashfree
    • PayU
    • PayPal
    • Stripe
  10. Content Pages
    • About us
    • Contact
    • FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
    • Privacy Policy
    • Terms & Conditions
  11. Deployment
  12. Integration Testing
  13. Hosting Details

These are major modules to execute auction with all of covered benefits. However we have to add some additional requirements for fulfill entire demands from customers side.

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Screenshots (Auction Android App)

Once check out the output files for get more ideas then you can customize more benefits. As a result able to modify things like form, payment section, modules, email etc. After check this share your requirements then we will do more things based on your requirements.

auction android app
auction app android studio

In the admin page we have to manually add number f auction with name, image, starting date & time, bid amount (Min & Max), Starting Price. Moreover here we are using Coins based concept so you have to purchase coins for participate the auctions.

Source Code – Not For Free (Premium)

I hope above all explanation and contents are helps to understand the project. Moreover android project not for free, you have to pay some amount for us to deploy & download code on your system. We give 100 percentage support for all of users so don’t worry about any struggles. To know more about this just contact us for check live demo from live server.

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