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In this tutorial I explain how to develop Missing Person Finder android application using Java & Google Firebase database. It’s one of the very important concept for recent days because most of the person’s are kidnapped by someone who are works for money. So these type of android mobile application helps to find missing person via name, images and personal details. Already our India government launching new application for find the missing child.

Here our objective also same but we are cover all aged people’s like kid to old age people’s. We have collection of database where the persons are stored information about missing children. So the opposite personalities are easily track via scan their photos in camera. If the particular person existing in our portal then it’s will show the entire information such as name, address, height and more.

missing person finder android

Most of the college students are currently doing this project because it’s very unique and worth for learn new things. For example in this project we are using Android NDK (Native Development Kit) for access the physical device components such as sensor, input device etc.

How It Works

Initially you have to create one account in our application for give the missing person information. If one person missed from your friends circle, family colleagues then you have signup via valid email address. Hereafter you have to verify email id and then only able to upload the missing person details.

The second step is fill the particular person full information such as name, address, age, height location, phone numbers, photos/image. And also we introduce the new feature police station modules for track the data with their help via our application.’

Create Project – Missing Person Finder Android

Okay let’s see the steps for how to develop the missing person finder android application using Java languages in android studio IDE. If you are looking for web application then should go for PHP or Python language and Java good for mobile based application.

We are using Google Firebase for authenticate users, storage like user information images, location etc. Mail verification methods also available in this application which is helps to filter the spam users who are upload fake details.

Track Missing Person

Suppose if you are miss any person then you have to create one account and track via the particular person images. If the person image existing on our database then it will show full information about physical address, names and such more details.

Totally to options are available, one is capture via mobile camera and another is upload through mobile gallery photos. So the choice is your wish to explore particular information about the person. Moreover search feature also there, you can search via names or scroll to see the entire database in our application.

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Features – Missing Person Finder Android

Actually here lot of benefits are available in our project, however explain below only major features. And the left one you can feel when you are install our application on your device or check screenshot on the next section.

  1. Material Design
  2. Forgot Password
  3. Mail Verification
  4. Login/Signup
  5. User Friendly Navigation
  6. Easy to Use
  7. Native App
  8. Physical Components
  9. Firebase database
  10. Splashscreen
  11. Grid Layout

Screenshot (Demo)

Once check the output images after that you are getting some idea about the project structure. Hereafter you can decide whether it’s worth or not based on your requirements. Moreover here You we are used our Google MAP API key but it’s restricted however we share this for premium users.

missing person register
missing person database
missing person find

Source Code

I hope above all explanation and images are helps to understand the entire project. This project source code only for premium users which means you have to Pay Rs.3000 for bough the complete code with proper documentation.

Contact me to purchase the source code and further integration steps.

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