WordPress Best Statistics Plugin

Here I explained the WordPress Best Statistics Plugin for find how many visitors are visit our website/blog. Actually this plugin is very essential for our blog, because then only we able to find the total views & stats. Otherwise not getting any exact result without any type of visitor tool. Mostly every blog owners are activating this plugin for track visitors location, operating system, views and more things.

WordPress Recommends Jetpack plugin (5 million installation) for most of users. Me also using Jetpack but I have WP Rocket Premium cache plugin. Through this, we can easily manage all oh high sized plugins. So if you have premium cache plugin then go for Jepack otherwise go for best alternative which is explained in next section. Because when read Jetpack ratings (3.9 stars/1800 votes) the results are shocking,

jetpack plugin review
Jetpack Review

Totally 347 1 star reviews and they are told like Jetpack slow down my website pages. May be, but still am using Jetpack and it’s working fine on my system. Finally decision is on your end, but this plugin provides lot of features when compared to others. That’s why I think, sometimes this plugin get lag but working fine. During the update time only site is little bit down (5 to 10 seconds), after that working fine without any issues.

Alternative WordPress Best Statistics Plugin

I have another one blog and the name is Diya Act. Initially I install Jetpack but some times it was down my page loading time when check the GTmetrix site. And I did not have WP Rocket Premium Plugin, so I plan to deactivate the Jetpack. My suggestion is, if you have premium plugin then you can use Jetpack and the cache plugin maintain all files in back-end.

slimstat statistics wordpress
wordpress best statistics plugin

So I use Slimstat Analytics Plugin which is created by Mr.Jason Crouse who have good knowledge in programming. Because then only able to create high level feature of Slimstats plugin. After installing the plugin, really am shocking when see the full features. I am really thank for Mr.Jason who build the perfect plugin in WordPress. We need more plugins from you.

slimstat analytics review
Slimstat Review

Still number of statistics plugins are available to count the post, page, views and more. But I strongly recommend Slimstat for find and track the visitors. Once check after seeing the benefits you are never deactivate the plugin. It’s better than Google analytics websites.


  • Analytics Reports (WordPress Dashboard)
  • Top Webpage
  • Access Log (Find Operating System, device, IP address, Layout, resolution etc)
  • Track Currently Online Peoples
  • Top Referring Domains
  • Top Known Visitors

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Conclusion – Which is Best

Finally my answer is If you have premium cache plugin like WP-Rocket then you can install Jetpack and don’t worry about negative reviews. It’s working fine without any issues when you have WP-Rocket plugin.

Suppose if you have no money to buy the premium plugin and currently using Free cache plugin ? Then go for Slimstats, where you can see lot of benefits. Therefore once check both plugin and then you get clear idea like which is best for your blog.

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