Women Safety App Android Studio

In this tutorial I have explain how create Women Safety App Android Studio platform. This app is very essential because nowadays lot of girls are feel like unsafe situation. So this type SOS application helps lot to handle the problem. Sometime our family members are not able to help so in that time Women safety app helps to escape the problem.

Most of unknown persons are raising problem for some working girls or college students. Already number of apps are available in play store & third party websites. However here I additionally adding some features when compared to existing application.

How it’s working ?

We need android mobile for activating this service. Then only able to use this service. So first install this application hereafter we have to enable the location for track our places. When you enable the location, the particular application automatically detect user location.

After that police team or your relative, colleagues, brother, fathers are track you via the exact location. The location shared via WhatsApp when you are open this application. Suppose if you are accidentally open the app, then formally announce police team, Otherwise the teams are reach your location.

After open the application, once you shake the device the further messages are forwarded in your emergency contact list.

Steps we have to follow

  1. Install this application
  2. Always enable location, because then only opposite party able to track your exact location.
  3. Add numbers on your emergency list
  4. Emergency number list mean where your location will be forwarded.
  5. For example you can add nearest police number, family members, hospitals who are support and get actions for women safety services.
  6. Some hospitals only provide this service.

Women Safety App Android Studio

Okay let’s see the project live steps and requirements for how develop women or any one safety category. Because the concepts are same, you can use anywhere based on your requirements. Moreover separately we suggest admin web application for find the exact issues. So we easily track how many users are access this site at a same time.

It’s very simple just we need to integrate AdminLTE with some of PHP frameworks. Already I have published this article so just integrate with this application.


  1. Java
  2. XML
  3. Android Studio
  4. SQLite
  5. PHP
  6. MySQL
  7. XAMPP Server
women safety app android

Above database explain the women database where we store further information. Moreover in some places we are using non relational database queries for track the user location. If we are integrate admin panel then MySQL is recommended database. Otherwise SQLite is better option for further location based processing steps.

Women Safety App Android Screenshots

Once check the project output and here we did not develop admin panel for control overall app structure. May be in the future we doing those benefits of accessing this website as a owner role.

women safety app android studio
women safety android

We are initially assign three modules for woman emergency category. Later that you can change the name and permission as per your own requirements.

  1. Police
  2. Hospital
  3. Family

Women Safety App Source Code

Above all code and images are helps to understand overall projects. It’s not a complicated project so you can apply your own ideas and change the interface for the better performance. Because nowadays users are like to use material design interface.

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