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In this tutorial I have explain how to create web browser app android studio platform. It’s similar of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, UC Browser, Opera mini and more apps. Actually we need more source and knowledge for developing browser based application. Because it’s not a easy task for everyone even if you are good developer. We need more knowledge on the particular domain in both of server side and code management.

Then only able to get users from internet. However already top browsers are available on market and the list already explained in above section. For my own experience Chrome & Firefox is my best choice forever not only me, most of users are recommend this application. It’s available & supports both of desktop, mobile platform.

web browser app android
android studio web browser app using java

In real time you can built browser apps similar of Google Chrome. Because already millions of users are believe google service and which is not possible to break within a years. Alternatively you can improve your coding skills through this project and via you can get top software company jobs such as IMB, TCS, etc. Suppose if you are a college student then try this and during the time learn more things.

Create Project – Web Browser Android

Okay let’s see the steps & requirements for creating online web browser using java in android studio software. Here we need MySQL & Firebase database for manage the application in server side. MySQL used for store some information which is related to execute the browsers on client end. On the other hand Google Firebase used for manage the API services, manage customer queries (Free 5GB storage) means questions.

When exceed the storage (increase user visits), we should be upgrade premium plan or buy new web server in hosting companies like Hostgator. But Firebase enough to handle the traffic, it manage 1,00,000 visits per month. If you are plan to market your product on world wide then should go for update the plan.


  1. Java
  2. XML
  3. API service
  4. Web server
  5. Firebase
  6. MySQL
  7. Android Studio IDE

Still number of third party libraries are need to execute the web browser. And first you have to install and check the status after that we have changing customization steps.

Features – Web Browser App Android

Already we have develop and published web browser software in desktop version and used for Python programming language. And it’s supports only for desktop users, that’s why here using Java language to create mobile supporting apps. If you are deploy this application on play store, it’s one of biggest credit in your career.

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  1. Unlimited Tabs
  2. Private Mode
  4. Track history
  5. Adblocker (itself)
  6. Change Theme
  7. Customize fonts, images, homepage and more

Source Code

I hope above all steps and guidelines are helps to create web browser application in Java language. In future we are adding more updates and user interface features for simplify the user experience. Because current days most of peoples are expect clean & user friendly navigation. So we are maximum try to give our best performance for users who are install our applications.

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