Wallpaper App Source Code Android Studio

In this tutorial I have explain how to create Wallpaper App Source Code Android Studio platform. Once upon a time wallpaper application is trending because android users are very low. But now everyone have android mobile phone and so easily they are setup the wallpaper images.

Because media applications are provide this feature for set the screensaver and wallpaper for both of lock screen & home screens.

This is the major reason for why most of peoples are not installing separate wallpaper application for set the picture. However some blog readers are request to make wallpaper application in android studio IDE. That’s why here I make this article. Additionally you can deploy this source code on Google play store. But we did not expect more traffic to the Wallpaper application.

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  1. Android Studio
  2. Java
  3. XML
  4. Firebase
  5. Glide Library
  6. Server

If you have own server then you can store the images on server end. Otherwise through the Firebase to we able to store the file. Because initially Google Firebase give us 5GB free space for store images, videos, documents, text etc.

Wallpaper App – Create Project

Okay let’s see how to create wallpaper application using android studio platform. Nowadays we have plenty of options for making money online. But for that we need more knowledge and skills for implement the system. So here in below step by step I have to explain the proper steps.

Alternatively most of users are set their favorite photos into a mobile device. Some peoples only install via play store who are looking for exact external resources.

Wallpaper Category

Here we are proving list of wallpaper categories. For example in this example we have add car, nature, entertainment, travel, fashion related products. Similarly you can also using internal photos through the application.


  1. Collection of Wallpapers
  2. HD Images
  3. High resolution images
  4. Transparent output
  5. User friendly
  6. Easy to Use
  7. Share from social networks
  8. Support AdMob Integration

Wallpaper App Source Screenshot

Once check the below screenshot for understand a full layout like how it’s working on your device. After getting the demo, you are easily identify structure of management system. Moreover you can customize the project as per your own requirements.

wallpaper app source code
wallpaper app android studio

Wallpaper App Source Code

I hope above all project code and images are helps to how develop this project on your own code. Moreover this project has lot of features and you can able monetize this app via AdMob account. For that you need google developer account for deploy the application.

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