Voting System Project PHP

In this tutorial I have explain how develop online election voting system project using PHP & MySQL. We are living on digital world so everything should migrate into on digital ways. For example currently we are using UPI payment methods for sending & receive the payments without going help. So every work was simplified and converted into on easiest ways.

Now we are going to develop simple and easiest navigation of advanced voting system project using PHP and MySQL database. Suppose if you are plan to deploy this project on live ? Then should go for Firebase cloud database. Because it’s real-time database and free hosting service. Therefore you don’t need to additionally buy server from third party providers like Hostinger, Hostgator, GoDaddy etc.

voting system project php

Initially Firebase Give us 5GB free storage for store our data from server. Already we are posting Firebase Tutorial fore beginners like how create database, how add android application into Firebase apps and more tutorials are available. Here we are using Core PHP for developing this projects, because Laravel is not okay for every students. Our main intention is delivering good projects for Tamil college students.

In the future surely we are create project using PHP Laravel or Codeigniter framework. Admin Panel also available on this project, so you can make changes via admin URL, otherwise we have manually make changes from code section. For more clarification once read our old Online Voting System Project Code using PHP & MySQL database.


  1. PHP
  2. HTML
  3. CSS
  4. JavaScript
  5. Sublime Text (IDE)
  6. MySQL (Database)

Create Project – Voting System PHP

Okay let’s see the steps for how create online election voting system project. You can customize the project as per your requirements like College voting system or anyone of own concepts. It’s works like fine in all technical terms. However we need to customize some major things then only able to use the project with existing code.

MySQL database is the best option for store & retrieve data from database files. Already I told if you have knowledge on Firebase then go for that for better results. Most of developers are nowadays suggest Firebase for both of web & mobile application platforms.


  1. Admin Panel
  2. Voter Panel Dashboard

These are main modules to further wise develop the project in our own ways. Through this modules step by step we have implement the sub modules like sign in form,voting list, result page, admin panel authorization and more.

Admin Panel – Voting System Project PHP

  1. Login Page
  2. Full control to add the nomination list
  3. Election Results
  4. Final Reports
  5. Customize the Nominees

Voter Panel Dashboard

Every voter has unique ID to login the form and give their vote for particular candidates. The full list of names are sort out on the dashboard after successfully login the page.

  1. Login Form
  2. Check & Vote Candidates
  3. Check Results (After the announcements)

Voting System Project Screenshot

Let’s see the project screenshot after that decide whether it’s or not. Already one main output files are added in the above sections. For more clarification, here we are adding three image files to the better understanding about the project.

authentication login form
successful page
voting project php overall results

Source Code

I hope above all source code helps to build the voting system. This project has lot of features, so surely you are loved the navigation, features, forms and more. If you are facing any issues, just contact us for clear your doubts.

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