Video Streaming App Flutter

In this article I explained how create online video streaming App Flutter frameworks. After trending on YouTube, some developers are starts to create similar of YouTube application. So here we are plan to develop video streaming android application using Dart programming language. Previously uploads movie video streaming app in android studio platform.

Once check the article, after that you are getting some idea to create unique ways. The purpose of this article is additionally add more features in Flutter frameworks. When compared to Java program, Dart has some unique feature in making user interface designs.

It’s one of the major reason for most of developers are learn about Flutters. Moreover software companies also hired Flutter developers to develop apps both of Android & iOS. So our time and cost is save and finally two output files are we getting in good level.


  1. Dart Code
  2. Flutter
  3. Firebase
  4. YouTube API
  5. HTML
  6. CSS
  7. TypeScript
  8. JavaScript
  9. Bootstrap
  10. Visual Studio Code IDE

Create Project – Video Streaming App Flutter

Let’s see to the steps for how create Video Streaming App using Dart program in Flutter framework. It’s similar of YouTube & TikTok application. Through this application you can able to create shorts and video creating apps. These days YouTube is one of the top and trending platform which is used by billions of users.

Initially we have to create Video player for store the videos files. But it’s not a easy task and we need to write more code for manually integrate the software system. Alternatively you can also develop similar of YouTube using Official Google API services.

But recently YouTube announcing new terms of conditions for getting API services. So most of YouTube creators are fear about using API request methods. Therefore most of developers are following separate ways for getting videos files from server end.


  • http
  • Bloc
  • Equatable
  • Yoyo player
  • lottie
  • node.js
  • express

Video Streaming App Features

This application more features when compared to previously uploaded java project. Major advantage is we are using Flutter so our application looks like very clean & material design layout. In this application we are using Firebase database for get the videos files. Suppose if you have own server then you can use your server.

Otherwise alternatively we can use Firebase where we get 5GB free storage. That’s why here I recommend Cloud database, or switch on to MySQL database.

  1. Social Media Authentication like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Google)
  2. OTP based account verification
  3. Video Search
  4. Separate Videos (Short & Long)
  5. Able to Write Post
  6. Fastest Buffering
  7. Ad Free
  8. Views Counting
  9. Post Comments
  10. Share Videos from other Social Media Networks.

Streaming App Screenshot

In below I have add the screenshot of this application. So once check on your end after that move on next section to download the source files. After seeing this surely you get some idea like how we customize the overall design based on your own requirements.

video streaming app flutter
streaming app using flutter dart
video streaming android app

Source Code

Above all code helps to find better idea and how build perfect video streaming application using Dart code. I hope screenshots are surely helps find the clear cut things like how it’s executed on our device. After that you can customize the code as per your own wish or client requirements.

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