Video Audio Call App Android Studio

In this tutorial I have explain how to develop Video Audio Call App using Java program in android studio IDE. After the Corona most of college institutions are plan to migrate on digital way. As a result now everyone access & attend their classes via online platform such as Google Meet, Zoom etc. The advantage is completely save our time & efforts. This is the major reason why most of peoples are go for digital applications.

Moreover private organization & tuition center also develop apps for own purposes to teach students. Behind the reason is no need to conduct offline classes instead of access via virtual class rooms. Most of software companies now starts to develop those type of application to maintain their institutions. However the development process is not a easy for everyone, for that we need strong knowledge on particular domain.

video audio call app

Already I have 5 plus years experience in app & website developments. That’s why here I take out this project to complete as soon as possible based on user requirements. In flutter framework we can do more things when compared to java programming languages. Flutter has more features & which is developed by Google community.

Create Project – Audio Video Call App

Okay let’s see the steps for how create Video & Audio call application using android studio platform. Firebase is the best solution for creating storage based application like admin panel, image uploads on server end etc. MySQL also good for maintain our data in server side, but Firebase is best solution for manage all type of functionality with lot of features.

Here we are using Firebase because need admin panel for uploads documents, materials, files and more. Then only end user able to receive updates, notification files everything via our guidelines. Developers are recently give us so many open source documentation which is helps to build better applications.


  1. Java
  2. XML
  3. JSON
  4. Firebase
  5. MySQL
  6. Glide
  7. RecyclerView
  8. Android Studio (IDE)


Actually the project title is the major feature for this application. Moreover chat options also available to communicate each one for sharing messages, documents, voices etc. Another one is every peoples also able to chat someone who are create account on the application. But in other social media network we have to be accept and send request for make a proper communication.

  • Material Design
  • Easy to use (User Friendly)
  • Live Chat Support
  • Make a Connection with available friends
  • Admin Connectivity
  • Share multiple type of files
  • oAuth Connection
  • Mail Services

Screenshot – Video Audio Call App

Once check the project output files, after that you get some idea like how it’s executed on our device. Nowadays everyone has high configuration mobile phones so easily convey our messages without any interruptions.

chat application android studio
video audio call app android studio

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Source Code

I hope above all contents & steps are helps to build perfect Video & Audio based android application in java program. Additionally here we are adding topics for learn study materials for upcoming & existing students. Through this they are easily convey and download the needed documents from one person to another one who are available in live chat application.

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