Uber App Source Code Android

Uber App Source Code Android – In this article we let’s see how develop similar of Uber Android Application. These days everyone migrate into digital way. So Uber based companies are easily execute their business. Actually that project was very high scalability. Because huge amount of users access same time. In the last five years Uber was peak in India, behind the reason was it’s very comfortable when compare own vehicle.

Okay come to the point of project development modules. Int this project has totally ten modules. Here we have Phone OTP verification not a Email verification concept. When you have open this application, the initial step was create new account using mobile number. After that OTP will be send by the given number. After submitting OTP it will automatically redirect into a Homepage

Then you can able to book travels, every interfaces designed as very user friendly navigation. Just Basic Knowledge enough for using this app, because all of interfaces neat layout. These days everyone have smart phones & knows the basic things like how read & access OTP, online payments via the popular payment application.

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Project Modules

Already I told this project has totally 10 Modules. End of the article I will give full Uber App Source Code Android free download. Most of college students select android apps only for their final year project. When I was studying me & my friends are choose websites only. Finally website only we not implement, just download & import then submit from teachers. But these days students are not like that, they are very interest to involve own projects.

  1. Login / Create New Account
  2. Phone Number Verification
  3. Location Selector
  4. List the Paces of Destination
  5. Customer Information
  6. Booking Details
  7. Tickets Information
  8. Online Payments
  9. Ticket Checking & Issue
  10. Return Facility
uber app source code

I hope above modules are helps to analyze entire project. Before that you can just assume what are modules we need to migrate with this application.

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Uber App Source Code

Here you can free download the full source code of similar Uber android application. When you have start as a fresh project, it takes nearly 6 months for complete this type of projects. Because it has more features & material design. Suppose if you face any problem just comment below we will try to clear your bugs.

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