Tic Tac Toe Python Project

In this project I have explained how develop the very interesting game of Tic Tac Toe Python Project. I think already you are playing this game on your childhood age. But still this game has unique & no one able to beat this features. It was very simplified & user friendly layouts. Uneducated persons also easily access this games without any further knowledge.

Suppose if you are not playing this Game ?

Just Click to Play the game on Official Website.

Once playing this game on your computer, then you can’t able to leave from the game. Because it’s interesting to play with robots. So nowadays most of college students are plan to develop this project on final year.

It’s not easy to develop, we need to develop & apply more logic on this game. Then only we able to getting perfect output, otherwise it’s not a perfect games. We also cross check the development like if all logic is applied or not on code.

When you search in google like Tic Tac Toe, the game will be opened. There are four options give us to play the game.

  1. Easy
  2. Medium
  3. Impossible
  4. Play with Friend Instead of Robots.

In my childhood age (year of 1990) this is one of the best game. My grandfather, mother also played this game with their colleagues, relatives. But now everything was changes & teenagers are like to playing battle games.

Official Game Screenshot

tic tac toe python game

Tic Tac Toe Python Project

Okay let’s start to see the project development work. I hope above theory explanation helps to understand the game. Hereafter you can easily able to build this game via following this code. Most of software developers also implement this code for the reason some client or students purpose.

Already we have advanced technology projects using python language. So you can refer our blog to find out more useful battle & sports games.


Here I am not using any frameworks like Django or Flask. Because it was not a large scalable application. If we implement high capacity projects like online shopping with Lakhs of products ? Then surely go on frameworks.

Totally two image files, one is for user and another one for robots. Then finally implement the main function code in single file. The code is very long so here spaces are not enough to explain full source file. However the login only important for this project, if you know the tricks then easily develop own code. Otherwise it’s little bit complicate to fin the conclusion parts.


Let’s check the output image file, if it’s okay move to getting the code. In every blogs you get same results of this games, because in this project user interface not a concept. In the other hand Logic only the entire solution.

tic tac toe python

You can replace the above mentioned images. But this is uniform everyone using this photo for all projects. Alternatively change as your wish, if it’s fine then follow the particular image file.

Download Source Code

I hope above all content helps to build the project & have any questions just ping us on comment section for further clarification. It will ends your search queries because here I give perfect code without any issues. Therefore click below link to get the full source code of this game.

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