Smart Attendance System using Face Recognition Python

In this tutorial I have explain how to develop Smart Attendance System using Face Recognition Python programming language. Current days most of college students are choosing Python for getting job in IT industry. Behind the reason is now most of software companies are hiring developers who have skill on Python and Django framework. So if you are learning Django then you can easily able to get job in high paid salary based on experience.

Therefore we are mostly create and deploy python projects which is very helps to final year students. The initial step is only complicate to understand the concepts, if we crossed first level then easily ony by one will complete entire modules. Before starts to learn python you need to learn about OOPS concept. Because it’s the basement for all programming languages like Java, Python, C, C++, PHP etc. OOPS is not a complicated task, you can learn with the help of online editors.

face recognition attendance system python

The above image is one of the screenshot for this attendance management system using face recognition concept. In this project we are not using Django framework for create web application. Alternatively we are using fully Tkinter for develop all Graphical User Interface (GUI). But Django is recommended way for large scalability projects like upgrade new features and more benefits. As a a beginner Tkinter is good hereafter you can upgrade your skills.

Technology used

In below we are sharing overall which technologies we are using to develop smart based attendance system using Python. Already I told we are not using Django and if you are looking foe Django based application then just comment below we are personally ready to implement source code on our end.

  1. Tkinter toolkit package
  2. OpenCV (Library)

Create Project – Smart Attendance System Python

Okay let’s see the steps for how create and implement Smart face recognition attendance system management system using Python language. Just create one py file and add following below code. Additionally integrate OpenCV for capture user image to process face recognition during attendance marks. If captured successfully then it was stored on database otherwise showing error message on client side.

OpenCV is one the best Library for develop similar of video/images based projects. That’s why most of developers are suggest Python language for creating IoT based applications. It’s perfect language and solution for sort our major issues on business peoples.


  1. Auto Capture If match Found
  2. Throw error when match not found
  3. Clean UI
  4. User Friendly Navigation
  5. Password Protection
  6. Update & Create new CSV file for store students/user records
  7. Date and Time details are automatically created & updated on CSV file.
  8. Live Attendance counts are displayed in dashboard section.

Screenshot – Smart Attendance System Face Recognition Python

Once check our project output file after that you are getting clear idea like how it’s executed and how customize the project. Moreover you need programming skills to handle OpenCV and Tkinter toolkit for modified user interfaces.

face recognition attendance system using python
attendance system python

Source Code

I hope above all source code helps to build smart attendance system using Tkinter & OpenCV library. Just follow and paste the code on your end, if you are facing any issues contact us we will helps to solve the issues. And the project credits goes to Mr.Shubham Kumar who build this project for help college students.

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