Short News Android App

In this tutorial I have explain how to create Short News Android App using Java program. Current days most of peoples are looking for short news app even videos also same category. That’s why YouTube shorts & Instagram Reels are getting good response from fans end. Because peoples are like to watch the contents within a short period of time. The reason is collection of contents/videos/news are available in market. Therefore they are looking for short contents with full objective.

Already in the previous post we are upload Normal long news app in android studio platform. After that some students are request to create short news content with full objective. In the creator end we are provide full news but it’s option based working from users end. For example the particular user like to read full news then proceed to read full article. Both contents are available, because both type of users are browse news app.

short news android app
short news application android studio

The exact output looks like same of above image, if you are wish to read the full news then click below link to open in new tab. Otherwise just observe the contents and scroll the next section on news feed. It’s like similar of Facebook, YouTube news feed application for knowing latest updates based on date, trending etc. Here we are creating news app, so overall the application fetched all major news API. Hereafter list out on our application based on our State/District/Country.

How Fetch News ?

Suppose if you are collect news only on the particular district then we have to manually customize API service. Then selected area news only fetched & displayed on our application. Most of major companies are using this trick for cover all areas. If we cover more news (peoples) then able to earn more money on the particular places.


  1. Java
  2. XML
  3. SQLite
  4. Android Studio (IDE)
  5. Libraries
    • Glide
    • Retrofit
    • Joda Time
    • RecyclerView

Create Project – Short News Android App

Let’s see the steps for creating short news android studio application using Java code. With help of API we easily create this application. Suppose if you are like the same way then read our previous article and the link available on second paragraph. Because here we did not use News API for fetch appropriate news.

We have to manually collect each news & uploads on admin panel sites. But it take more time when compared to API methods. However if we are in active mode then surely able to complete all the steps. For that we have to always update on latest news on particular place.

Features – Short News App

  1. Save News on Local Storage
  2. Read News Offline
  3. Notify Users for Trending news if they have create new account
  4. Able to share news on Social Media apps like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram etc.
  5. Multiple News Source
  6. Material Design
  7. Easy to Navigate

Source Code

I hope above all source code helps to build the short news android application. We are living on digital world so short news apps are getting good response from users end. Through this we can able to save our time and easy to get appropriate object from the news.

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