Shopping Cart PHP Source Code

In this tutorial I have explain how create simple and advanced online shopping cart PHP & MySQL. In the every E-commerce site we need shopping cart page for place the orders. After WordPress coming most of students and developers are easily build shopping websites. But before that everyone using Core PHP or frameworks for create sites. So now everything was changed and we also adopted the new technologies.

Currently overall 45 percentage websites are created via WordPress. It’s amazing and the main feature is no coding skill need for develop the sites. On the other hand our time also completely saved from spend some other works.

Okay let’s start how create shopping cart project using PHP with database. Some queries are raised like how develop without MySQL database concept. Actually we need one database for store the products. Firebase also one of the best solution for creating shopping cart websites. Because via the Firebase we easily create & manage admin panel section.

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  1. PHP
  2. MySQL
  3. HTML
  4. CSS
  5. JavaScript
  6. Bootstrap
  7. jQuery
  8. Sublime Text

Shopping Cart PHP – Create Project

Okay let’s see how to develop online ecommerce website (shopping cart) using PHP. These days most of developers are using Laravel framework because lot of benefits are there in the code. However we need strong knowledge then only able to handle frameworks. It’s not like Core, otherwise Core PHP is the best option if you are in beginner level.

Alternatively we are also Recommend WordPress WooCommerce plugin for implementing E-Commerce website. A lot of ready made sites are available so we easily able develop attractive site like Flipkart or Amazon.

Database Connection

The initial step is we need to integrate MySQL database with help of PHP program. In below I give the code for connecting MySQL database, after that do other works like how add products on shopping cart list. I hope already you know about how manually create database on phpmyadmin dashboard.

In the most on interview section, companies are assign this task like how connect PHP MySQL database connection. So always keep in mind for how manually or automatically connect MySQL database.

    function Connection(){
        $server = "localhost";
        $user = "root";
        $pass = "";
        $database = "cart_db";
        $con = mysqli_connect($server,$user,$pass,$database);
        $result = (!$con)?null:$con;
        return $result;

Above code is config.php file. After successfully connected to database, starts to uploads images on your web application. For example you can choose any categories like fashion, mobile gadgets, groceries, food delivery app, electronics, pharmacy and any of category.

Shopping Cart Screenshot

Once check the screenshot file after that take decision like weather it’s worth or not. But it’s very simple and advanced shopping cart layout. Through this users are easily able place orders without facing any difficulties. So I hope surely this project satisfy your ends.

shopping cart php
shopping cart php mysql

Source Code

Above all code and images are helps to how develop shopping cart application using PHP & MySQL. In the most of interviews companies are assign this task in technical round. So you have prepare this tutorial for before facing interviews. When you are working with Core program, you can learn more things in coding section when compared to other frameworks.

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