Screen Recorder Using Python

In this project I have explain how create screen recorder using Python program. Nowadays screen recorder used by lot of students & programmers. Because now social media platform growing very fast like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook etc. So peoples are looking for perfect screen capture application with features such as audio, editing, animation, text image rendering and more.

However most of companies are give only premium version of screen recording software. For example Camtasia Studio is one of the best editing and recording software. But trial version is just one month after that we have to some amount for continuously accessing the site. During the trial period watermarks are showing our videos. So that’s also one of the drawback in free version.

Some free software also available but that’s not best to edit and record the video file.

Through the Python language we able to develop high scalable desktop application and better performance software. Even some websites are provide online space for record the videos but that’s not comfort like Desktop based application.

Create Project

So here we let’s start to see how develop perfect screen recorder software using Python. With help of frameworks also we able to create this software but core is best option for accessing more internal and external features.

In additionally we need OpenCV for develop this project. I hope already you know about OpenCV, suppose if you don’t know let me give some introduction about this concept.

Actually OpenCV is a library file which is used for implement computer vision problems. For example image processing, internet of things projects and more. OpenCV widely supports major programming languages like Python, Java, C++ etc. Mainly OpenCV used for process the images, videos to identify objects, face and also human hand writing words.


Once check the screen recorder software output files after that decide whether it’s working or not on your system. After that you get clear idea like how every modules on working on this project. Another major reason is already we are tested in our system. It’s working fine without any issues.

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screen recorder project using python
screen recorder using python

Screen Recorder Code

I hope above source code and screenshots helps to build screen record application. Suppose if you recorder not executed on your machine, once again check the procedure after that you can easily understand the concepts. Therefore we hope this project helps o build attractive screen recorder mobile.application.

Additionally we have to add more concepts via latest updates. Because concepts are same but need more perfect design for part one question,

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