School Management System Project using PHP

In this article I have explained how create school management system project software using PHP & MySQL database. Nowadays most of schools are upgrade into online platform for simplify the works. The reason is we easily able to manage the data without any issues. This is the major reason for why everyone should migrate into online software.

Once upon a time we are using pen for manually store the data. But now entire thing was changed. Because now we are living on digital worlds like payments, shopping, food, travel etc. Moreover able to get backup for every file, it’s also one of the major reason. Already we are developing school software but that has limited features only. So here we are additionally add more modules & you can access more benefits.

Most of software companies are now develop bundle of school management software for simplify the faculty works. Overall through this every schools are converted into software system which makes simplify a technologies.

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Through the school management system we are control lot of things. Such as below things are clearly explained in the upcoming section. I hope below mentioned details are helps to point out the project structure & how we are applied further modules.

School Management System Project Features

  1. Student Attendance
  2. Exam Marks
  3. Attitude
  4. Extra Curricular activities
  5. Manage Assignments
  6. School Admissions
  7. Teacher Managements
  8. Student Report Cards
  9. Library Books management
  10. Leave Request
  11. Time Table & more.

Technologies Used

  1. Web Server – XAMPP
  2. PHP
  3. MySQL Database
  4. HTML
  5. CSS
  6. JavaScript
  7. Bootstrap

Create Project – School Management Software

Okay let’s see the steps for how create & develop school software project using Core PHP. If you have knowledge in framework then you can proceed with Laravel or Codeigniter frameworks. Because Laravel has lot of features when compared to core. If you are plan to deploy this project on server end ? Then go for framework concepts otherwise you can use CORE concepts.

For example via Laravel we easily do some features like SMS gateway, payment integration etc. That’s why I suggest why we go for Laravel instead of Core PHP program.


  1. Student
  2. Teacher
  3. Librarian
  4. Admin

Admin have only full rights to manage all of other users. I hope already you get the concepts like which rights are assigned for every users. Admin Panel available for separately customize the data for each functionalities. It’s same like common operation like teacher have some rights to manage students.

School Management Software Project PHP Screenshots

Once check the screenshot after that you get some idea like how it’s working on your device. Here we have added lot of features which is very unique. So surely it’s helps to build perfect software for manage the schools. You can also apply this project on some other organizations like Hostel, College, Universities and more.

school management system project using php mysql
school management system project
school management system software

For more screenshot you can check the source code. If this project okay for you then move on next section to download the source code of school student management system software using PHP.

Source Code

I hope above all project code & images are helps to build the projects. It’s executed fine without any issues, because already we are tested in our computer. However if you are facing any issues, just contact us for more information. Already I told you can replace this code on any type of management related software. The reason is concepts & modules are same.

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