Resume Builder Project PHP

In this tutorial let’s see how develop Online Resume Builder Project PHP & MySQL. Nowadays most of college students and working professionals are make their resumes online platform. Because it’s very comfort, time saving, more features when compare normal software like Microsoft Word.

So here I implement how create online resume website using PHP. Number of android application also available to build the resumes. Later that discuss about Java platform to build resume web application.

There is two options fro this project. One is without using database manually make resume designs & another one is with help of database make a connections. Therefore the choice is yours like which is perfect for your requirements.

I strongly recommend dynamic content with help of database such as MySQL or Firebase (NoSQL). The process is firstly we design structure only after that through the help of database we able to point out a values. For example firstly we create table on front-end designs & then calling the SQL file to fill the place who request to make resume application.

Resume Builder Project

You can also deploy this project on server. Because these days most of job searching students are looking for online help to make resumes. Because now everything is converted into online platforms. So if you are plan to make money online ? Then this is one of the best opportunity to generate passive income.

To do that we need normal shared hosting server. Through that we able upload files on server & on the other hand generate money.

Create Project

Let’s start to see create online resumes in different major format like PDF, DOC. Actually PDF format is best alignment is not collapsed after saving the document. But in docx file compression is collapsed and alignment also mismatched. So most of companies are demand PDF resume formats.

In our project we give two format files to get the results.

HTML, CSS language enough for make front-end designs. After that simply call the particular functions via PHP and access via MySQL database. The concept is very simple, so through the cor PHP complete this projects. If large then we suggest for frameworks like Laravel, Codeigniter etc.

resume builder project php

Completely we give all features in this project. For example contact, about, services, homepage dashboard so which is very helpful properly complete the website. Otherwise we manually develop individual pages.

Initially we make the database connection for accessing resume builder information. Once we complete the template then it’s automatically fixed for all users.

Database Connection

Firstly make connection to store the end user details like their educational details. work experience, address, personal information, skills etc.

$host = "localhost";
$db_name = "resume";
$username = "root";
$pass = "";
   $con = mysqli_connect($host,$username,$pass,$db_name);
       if (mysqli_connect_errno()){
   echo "Failed to connect to MySQL:"mysqli_connect_error();
  die();               }


Here we don’t need extra modules for implement the project. The single homepage enough for build the resume. Apart from this in your end, add extra features for your users like job offers related to job seeker locations. Most of job portal companies are doing this work for getting more traffic for their sites.

Resume Builder Project PHP

I hope above code helps to build the online resume creation service for job seekers. Additionally you can able to more services. Through the extra benefits we getting more users & that’s helps to make more money online. If have any doubts regarding this just contact me, I will fix your issues within a hour.

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