Resume Builder Android App Source Code

In this article I have explain how create online resume builder android app using Java. Through the resume builder application we are easily able to create our resumes various formats like pdf, docx etc. Moreover lot of ready made templates are available, so you can easily create your own resume without spending more time.

You work is like just customize the existing template, similar of renaming process steps. Therefore you can easily create attractive resume within 30 minutes. Resume is most important to get a job, but of job seekers are don’t care about resume designs. If you have good and cleared resume, then you get additional marks. They are judge you when look at your resumes.

So via our android application you can create simple and advanced level of resumes. The common issues are alignment, when we create resume in Microsoft word software. Here it’s sort out those problem, here we are giving most priority into responsive designs.

resume builder android app

For example purpose here I added one screenshot from resume builder project using Java. After seeing this, you get some idea like how it’s working and knows the list of features. That’s why here we are explained the output file for save the readers time.


  1. Java
  2. SQLite
  3. XML
  4. Library files third party
  5. API (for social media authentication such as Google, Facebook)
  6. Android Studio IDE

Create Project – Resume Builder Android App

Already we are develop resume builder web application using PHP. That’s better for who are looking for customize the resumes in desktop layout. However few peoples are looking for mobile based customization, because they have no laptop, desktop. So do those works via mobile mode, but through the laptop we able to work in more comforts.

Additionally her social media authentication(oAuth) features are available. Current days most of peoples are looking for oAuth feature for every application. The reason is they are hate to fill the registration forms. Therefore through the social media authentication easily create accounts within a seconds.


  1. Responsive Design
  2. 20 plus templates
  3. Easy to use
  4. User Friendly Navigation
  5. Auto Build Resume
  6. Clear Gudelines
  7. Social Media Authentication
  8. Store Resumes

Resume Builder Android App Screenshots

Once check the screenshot file of online resume creation android application. Here you have to manually enter your name, date of birth, educational qualification, work experience and more details. After that we are automatically give you the list of designs. Hereafter you have to select the attractive layouts.

resume builder app android projects
resume builder android app source code

Source Code

In below I have add the source code of resume builder project using Java and SQLite database. Suppose if you are plan to deploy this project on google play store, thn I suggest to use Firebase database. Because when you are upload your source code on play store, more users are register the application. As a result everyone create new resume and files are stored on database.

After the usage the database will be filled because 512MB size only allocated on the particular files. But in Firebase you can use upto 5GB data with fastest performance.

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