Reels App Android Studio

In this tutorial I have explain how to create Reels app android studio platform. Similar of Tik Tok, Instagram, YouTube application. Because current days most of peoples are spend their time on those application. Therefore here I make this article to simply create shorts video application using Java programming language. Already we are upload TikTok reels application in Flutter framework using Dart languages.

And now create another one copy using Java & Firebase cloud database. If you have no knowledge in Firebase then once read the official documentation or learn tutorial via YouTube. After that you can working with particular database into java program. Otherwise it will be complicated to implement the code on your end.

reels app android studio

This application need admin panel for upload and remove the video files. That’s why here I recommend to learn Firebase. Behind the reason is with hep of Firebase we can easily create admin panel dashboard for manage entire users & our files. Initially Firebase give us 5GB free storage space to upload our files. Therefore no need buy the server to store videos or documents.


  1. Java
  2. XML
  3. JSON
  4. Firebase
  5. API Services
  6. Android Studio IDE
  7. Mailing Function
  8. Third Party Library

Create Project – Reels App Android Studio

Okay let’s see the steps to create perfect shorts or reels based mobile application using java language in android studio IDE. As usual first create new project and then integrate into Firebase application. For that just copy your current package name and paste into Firebase project. Hereafter we can easily able to communicate with Firebase to Java program.

Additionally in some places we are using MySQL database for store the normal records like user information, profile details, etc. Because we need table structured format for those operation. That’s why we are using MySQL database to insert the common files. However Firebase manage only videos files like how store and play the contents.


  1. Material Design
  2. oAuth Social media
  3. Allocate space for users
  4. Able to upload videos
  5. Animation effects
  6. Upload into directly social media sites like YouTube or Facebook
  7. Share contents
  8. Like, Comment, Share features are available.

How It Works

Actually the procedure are same of every usual projects. The main difference is here we have systematically store files on Firebase database & allocate some space for users who are like to posting videos in our application. Hereafter easily call the video files with help of JSON & most of places we need JSON for fastest way responses.

Screenshots – Reels App Android Studio

When see the output files, you get clear idea for it’s working on our device.That’s why in every we have added the project screenshot files. When add the live it take more time for deploy the code into server side. End of the article you can download the source code in free of cost. But this project worth for move on premium section.

andriod application similar of tiktok java

Source Code

Above all contents are helps to find him and in the upcoming days we will discuss about our career. Because my general intention & objective is help someone who need our services. It’s execute fine an if face any issues just contact us for more clarification. We are always welcome our readers and helps to create their own ideas.

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