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In this tutorial I have explain how to develop Recipe App Flutter framework using Dart programming language. Already are posting recipe android application in android studio using Java program. But now create using Dart because when compare both language Flutter is good. Behind the reason is app design, layout, structure, performance everything is nice. This is the major reason for current days why most of developers are starts to develop application in Flutter Framework.

Totally two ways are available for explain the recipes in our application. First one is List view infinite scrolling and another one is grid view with or without pagination. Both concepts are available on source code. So once check on your end like which is best for your requirements. After that step by implement the code with perfect widgets.

recipe app flutter

For my opinion list view is best because through this easily able to read the recipe name and description. But in the grid view details are not showing and something was hidden on layout. Therefore recyclerview is better to explain all the steps with easiest navigation. Firebase is best selection for list out our data in dart languages. The integration steps are officially explained on Firebase tutorial site.


  1. Flutter
  2. Dart
  3. Firebase or MySQL
  4. API Services
  5. Library File (Third Party)
  6. VS Code IDE

Database – MySQL or Firebase ?

When choose database first analyze about your project. Because then only we able to choose the correct one. For example if your project need admin panel then should go for Firebase because it’s the best selection. Through this we can save our time, efforts and cost. Easily upload any recipes within a seconds and no need to manually upload each products. Suppose if you are choosing MySQL then manually create admin panel page for upload services.

Create Project – Recipe App Flutter

Okay let’s see the steps for how create Food Recipe application using Flutter framework. Initially integrate with Firebase into Dart program, with help of SDK easily process the data. Otherwise it will be complicate like when choose NoSQL database such as MongoDB.

Alternatively via the JSON file also we can retrieve the Recipe list. For that no database need to store data, just SQLite enough for manage JSON files. Another option is upload the particular file on our own web server or Firebase to directly call URL.

Screenshot – Recipe App

This project has lot of features because it was developed by Flutter framework. Clean material design, easy to use, animated navigation, good user experience & interface. After seeing screenshot let’s decide whether it’s worth or not for your requirements. But it has lot of benefits so later that you can customize the code.

android recipe app
cooking app flutter

Source Code

I hope above all source code and images are helps to create online recipe food cooking application. You can also add video files to explain the cooking steps. Through this users can easily understand procedure when compared to text files. But text format is best for find the ingredients, so finally both are important to create recipe apps.

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